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Pregnant Women Who Smoke Are at Risk

If You Are Pregnant and Smoke, Please Read This Message

To everyone who smokes (especially to women who are pregnant), I would like to share this poem with you:

It’s no secret,
Cigarette smoking is a deadly habit,
Whether you like it or not,
It already killed a lot…

It sets you free,
Free to be productive and healthy,
Free to have a happy family,
As you can’t enjoy being a retiree.

It’s dangerous to your health,
A leading cause of lung cancer death,
My dear friend, stop smoking now,
Save your life and your dreams of tomorrow.

How many times you’ve been told,
That your life does matter and can’t be sold,
How many times in a year,
People have died of lung cancer?

Yes, you’re young and full of spirit,
Who takes for granted smoking threat,
Perhaps, you’ll not see now the effect,
And laugh at me like an insect.

It is always your choice,
And my only piece of advice,
Take good care of your health,
Because it’s your greatest wealth.
-Alon Calinao Dy

Ahhh, the fresh resounding words of a poet speaking on the things that are stolen when you smoke. But take this poem and translate it to smoking while pregnant and understand that the life you are talking about is not only your own but also the life of your unborn child. You’re not even giving them a chance to begin, let alone to thrive.

Children rely on their mothers the most, especially in the first nine months that they are alive. They depend on us to sustain them, nourish them, and give them all that they need to become strong and ready to enter the world.

How much do you imagine we cripple a child when we don’t provide nourishment and instead fill their feeble bodies with the toxic chemicals that are emitted from a cigarette? Way too much to count.

Pregnant Women – Consider The Dangers of Smoking

I’m going to take a moment a break down for you what each chemical that is in a cigarette can due to your child and how it negatively impacts them.

Carbon monoxide:

  • Causes permanent fetal brain damage
  • Can result in the loss of fetal life


  • Stunts and interferes with lung development
  • Interferes with the quick and healthy development of the brain


  • Lowers the amount of oxygen reaching the blood vessels
  • Lowers the oxygen that reaches directly to the brain


  • Interferes with the wiring of the brain
  • Causes abnormalities of the brain and its functions


  • Causes a diabetogenic effect in your body
  • Causes a diabetogenic effect in the body of your unborn child


  • Inflames your child’s airways
  • Causes breathing problems in you and the baby

With so many risks when it comes to your health and the health of your unborn child, you would think the number of women smoking during pregnancy would decrease. That is simply not the case; a habit that has taken a short time to gain may take more than that to get rid of.

Helpful Tips

Fortunately, you have some incredible tools to help you stop smoking.  One of the most effective and easy ways to stop smoking is to enlist the help of an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping” expert. Click Here to find out how incredible this technique is and  Click here to find an expert in your area.  Dr. Jenkins of the Budwig Center used this technique on a cancer patient who had smoked for over 40 years, and after just one session, he was able to stop smoking.

For some people quitting the habit, cold turkey may be effective and last while for others, it may take a little bit more effort to ensure that they kick the habit for good. Childmode has begun a campaign to gain support from others to end smoking while pregnant epidemic.

To some, the opioid crisis and the world hunger crisis are more of an issue, and in their respective rights, they are incredibly important. But what about endangering a life before it has had a chance to know right from wrong and you make those decisions for themselves.

We are cutting the lifespans of future doctors, lawyers, teachers, archeologists, professional athletes, nurses, daycare workers, waitresses, CEO’s, and even presidents short before they’ve had a chance to become what they are destined to become. The success of the next generation relies heavily on us, making the best decisions for them right now.

The Thirty Day Pledge

We encourage mothers all over the world to take a thirty-day pledge. In this thirty day pledge, you will give up smoking cigarettes and anything that has to do with smoking for an entire thirty days, which is equivalent to a month. We say thirty days because it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to break a habit.


Take care of yourself. We urge and plead with you to do this because you are their first line of protection that your child will come to know. And it is our utmost duty as mothers to love, teach, nurture, care for, and protect our children.

Take your job seriously because if you don’t, it could end badly!

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