How to Prevent Cancer – Naturally

This article explains why it’s essential to make every effort to prevent cancer and how you can do so using natural methods.

“Prevention is Better Than Cure”

Battling cancer and other illnesses is not easy. It’s quite common that after someone is diagnosed with cancer, family and close friends suddenly start analyzing their own health condition. It’s as if hearing the news that someone close to us is suffering from a chronic illness wakes us up. We begin to analyze our diet and habits, whether it’s smoking, unhealthy snacking, etc., and we’re more open to making a change – before it’s too late.

Interestingly, The American Cancer Society recently published some encouraging information regarding cancer prevention. They stated, “A substantial proportion of cancers could be prevented, including all cancers caused by tobacco use and other unhealthy behaviors. Excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, at least 42% of newly diagnosed cancers in the US – about 797,000 cases in 2021 – are potentially avoidable, including the 19% of cancers caused by smoking and at least 18% caused by a combination of excess body weight, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity.”

In harmony with this reassuring report, at the Budwig Center, we’ve noticed that people are starting to appreciate the importance of being healthy and eating healthily. More and more in our society are beginning to appreciate the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” A health revolution has started!

Prevent Cancer – Start Today

To help you and your loved ones pursue healthy living and nutritious eating habits, we would like to share our article series entitled “Cancer Prevention.”

This article series will teach you simple steps to help you stay on top of your health. Please share these articles online with any who you think needs the inspiration to join the health revolution!

Health and Wellness at the Budwig Center in Spain

Just think, with a little self-discipline and a few life adjustments we can pursue new healthy habits that can help to reverse the effects of serious ailments and give us more energy and vitality. Many people start on this road “after” they are diagnosed with a severe illness. How much better it would be to live this way of life now and follow a course that will limit the chance of receiving a bad diagnosis.

To help in this regard, the Budwig Center offers distance Health Programs. These programs help people achieve the goal of improving their general health and taking care of certain issues before they become big problems. Additionally, the natural approach to health care has gained much acceptance in recent years because of its simple focus on following a healthy and nutritious diet, managing stress/balancing emotions, and detox treatment. We are sure you would agree that there is no substitute for enjoying a healthy life. Everyone wants better health, to feel good and vibrant.

To know more about distance Health Programs, click here.

Home Care Programs

At the Budwig Center, we have long appreciated that a one size fits all approach is not only incorrect but can be dangerous. So after filling out a health questionnaire and consulting with one of our Budwig specialists, we prepare and tailor it according to your needs and requirements. We maintain close contact with you throughout the program and provide further guidance and adjustments when needed to ensure your journey to better health is a success.

We’re Here to Help

If you’d like to discuss anything further relating to our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Have you downloaded our FREE Budwig Guide? If not, do so right away, it’s packed with great information, and it explains in detail the incredible benefits of the Budwig Diet. You can download the guide here.

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