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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses

Apple cider vinegar is a home remedy that is extremely popular and has been used by people worldwide for many years in both cooking and medicine. Although further research is required, certain scientific studies have confirmed that this delicious vinegar can be used for various health issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses

Amongst the many health benefits, this delicious vinegar has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It can help reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, aid in weight loss, and improve some symptoms of diabetes. Additionally, it can also help you fight off bacteria. One of the main benefits is its antibacterial property. Some health specialist has used it to treat ear infections, lice, warts, cleaning and disinfecting, or treating nail fungus.

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used vinegar over 2,000 years ago to clean wounds. Vinegar can also be a food preservative, as many studies show that it stops bacteria, such as E. coli, from spoiling food and growing. Interestingly, many reports suggest that apple cider vinegar can help with acne when diluted and applied to the skin. However, there is not enough research available on this topic yet.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

A further benefit of this vinegar is that it can help manage diabetes and lower blood sugar levels. Its usefulness in managing diabetes symptoms is seen as one of the most convincing apple cider vinegar uses.

High blood sugar levels characterize type 2 diabetes, caused by the inability to produce insulin or insulin resistance. However, even those who don’t have diabetes can profit. High blood sugar levels, apart from diabetes, have been connected to various other chronic diseases and are one of the leading causes of aging. One of the most effective ways of managing blood sugar levels is by avoiding eating sugar and refined carbs.

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Research shows that adding apple cider vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity and insulin response while significantly lowering blood sugar. However, it must not be used as a replacement for other medical treatments. If you are taking medications to lower your blood sugar, you must speak to your doctor about whether you should increase the vinegar intake.

Yes, It Can Help You Lose Weight

Research shows that apple cider vinegar can come in handy for those trying to lose additional pounds or have difficulties maintaining a healthy weight. Many studies on humans reveal that consuming it can increase the feeling of being full, leading to you eating less and subsequently losing weight.

A study done with obese people was even able to show that consuming just one tablespoon of ACV led to a loss of 2,6 pounds, while those who drank two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar lost as much as 3,7 pounds. However, the effects also can vary from individual to individual. It is also important to note that while adding apple cider vinegar to your diet can help you lose weight, it cannot be the only change you make. It is also vital to lead a healthy lifestyle and consume healthy nutrition.

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ACV Can Even Help Keep Your Skin Healthy

ACV has been used by many to treat skin conditions, such as eczema or dry skin. Our skin is naturally a bit more acidic, and this is where ACV can come into play. It can help restore the skin’s natural pH and thus improve the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Many soaps and cleaners can exacerbate skin conditions, such as eczema, which can further worsen the symptoms. Since ACV also has antibacterial properties, it might even help prevent skin infections connected to eczema and other conditions.

Given its antibacterial properties, ACV could, in theory, help prevent skin infections connected to conditions like eczema.

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How to Best Use Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many ways of incorporating this delicious vinegar into your diet. One of the best and easiest ways of doing so is by using it while you’re cooking. You can add it to foods, such as salads or homemade mayonnaise. Some people enjoy diluting ACV in water and consuming it as a beverage. However, we recommend that you start with small amounts. If you drink too high doses at once, you can suffer harmful side effects, such as tooth enamel erosion or other drug interactions.

Additionally, some dieticians suggest that you always choose organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar to reap the highest benefits. In whichever way you decide to consume apple cider vinegar, we recommend not to consume more than 1 to 2 tablespoons per day.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, apple cider vinegar, without a doubt, comes with many exceptional benefits to the health, such as managing various conditions or helping in the prevention of many diseases. Some benefits have been supported by science, while further research is needed to confirm other claims. Regardless, it is safe to consume, as long you don’t overdo the daily doses.

However, if you’re worried that this vinegar might be causing side effects or counteracting with medications that you might be taking, speak to your doctor about it immediately. Again, remember to start with smaller amounts, as this can help prevent side effects.



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