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How to Prepare for the New Year

prepare for the new year

During December and January, many people ask themselves, how can I prepare for the new year? There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year that we will never forget. As we enter into 2021, it is an ideal moment to reflect, consolidate, and plan. At the turning point of each year, it’s natural […]

Including Your Partner in Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The key basic contributors to healthy living are well understood; we all know that good health starts with fresh air and exercise, nutritious fruit and vegetables, and cutting out (or cutting down) on the things we know are bad for us. Knowing what the ‘right’ choices are isn’t difficult, but it’s not always so easy […]

Vitamin D – It’s Vital Role In Supporting Healthy Body System Function

Vitamin D is vital for life. We all know the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet; you can get all the nourishment you need from the right blend of foods and a healthy lifestyle. However, the body actually uses combinations of vitamins and minerals to help absorb other nutrients, so getting the right balance […]