Lung Cancer Metastasis in Skeleton

Hi Lloyd, It’s the first time after 6months that I have received good news. I was very weak in June and CT results were very poor, just MR of the head/brain was good. No more new tumors and the two bigger ones were reducing. CT was showing progressive growth. Now in July when the CT […]

Lung Cancer – Iran

Dear Lloyd Jenkins, She passed 8th month of her recovery from her cancer, and her body, for now, is clear, we are very very thankful for your help and your recommendation. After her recovery from 8 months ago until now, she has been using all of the medicine that you recommended such as Vitamin B15, […]

Philip, Lung Cancer

In early 1974, Mr. Bonfigho, a heavy smoker, developed a persistent upper respiratory infection and cough. He consulted his family doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Despite the treatment, the symptoms only worsened, and in March Mr. Bonfigho returned to his physician. At that time a chest X-ray revealed a 3 centimeter (cm). […]

Maria Socorro, Lung Cancer

Hello Doctor Jenkins, Thank you very much for your good news regarding my wife Maria. FYI, the latest CT scan done last May 2015 indicated that her lungs & regional lymph nodes are clear & normal according to her oncologist & radiologist. Thus one can say that she is in remission but we would like […]

Susan Ellinger, Lung Cancer

Just wanted to post my good news today. I started Budwig Protocol on Jan 7, 2009 after results from a PET CT scan in late January showed relapsed mediastinal NHL with mets in the lungs. Scans from last Thursday, March 2, 2009, showed no activity left in the mediastinum and very low uptake activity in […]