My diagnosis was prostate cancer, locally advanced prostate cancer, which means it hasn’t spread to the rest of the body, but it was sticking out of the prostate.

I chose the Budwig Center because I read a lot about Johanna Budwig over the years, so I knew the name. And after my diagnosis, I went home and searched her name on Google, and suddenly the Budwig Center in Malaga pops out, and that’s how I thought, “Wow, that’s interesting, especially as I have friends who live here, very close to Malaga.” So I decided to give them a call, and I found the treatment very interesting. And I asked them about the treatment and what it can do for me, and I was quite impressed, so here I am.

I’m pretty impressed with all the therapies, but I’m very impressed with the CellSonic, because I’ve also read about the CellSonic. It’s a major advancement in cancer research. Apparently, it’s helped many people around the world already, so that impressed me quite a lot, I must say.

I did have some lower back pain and a slight twinge on the lower part of the abdomen, but that’s gone thankfully. What can I say? I feel quite fit now with more energy. I’m impressed with the professionalism of the staff, the friendliness, the great food. Yeah, all around kindness of everybody. I can’t really put it into words.

When I left the hospital after the diagnosis, I was sort of shell shocked. I didn’t really know where to turn, but then I got home and started searching for places, and that’s when I found this place. And I thought, “Well, I’ve got a few years to play with anyway. It’s not like I’m dying or terminally sick right now. So I may as well give it a try because it’s not something you can do the other way around.” Or if you do it the other way around, it will be harder to recover after. So I thought, “I’ll do it.” The standard treatment at hospitals will always be there, whereas this, I have to do it first. So that’s why I’m here.