What was your diagnosis?

Well, to begin with, I had a disorder of the digestive system, and also a deficiency within the nervous system.

What brought you to the clinic?

The experience that my parents had at the clinic when they came to get treatment and the effectiveness of what they did here.

What has impressed you at Budwig Center?

What has impressed me in the Center, apart from the advanced technology, is the humanity, the closeness. It’s not just the natural therapies that make you better, but the way that they treat you, the way that they make you feel, and the logic of what they use to address what you have. 

What advice would you give others who are looking for a holistic clinic?

The advice I would give them is; that they try it. Because to be truthful, personally I was a little skeptical of this type of treatment. That there’s a machine that puts a pressure point on your finger that can tell you what illness you have – I was pretty skeptical of that just to be completely honest, you know.

But then later to see, that through the advanced technology that they have, they can discover things in you that pharmaceutical medicine, traditional medicine could not. That really impressed me!

So, the advice that I would give to this type of person, although it’s true that some part of traditional medicine may be needed, which is a something that the clinic is never against – but this is a treatment that’s much cleaner, much more effective, a health treatment that balances your whole organism.

So, it’s not a treatment that’s going to contaminate you, that’ll solve one problem and cause another. It’s incredibly clean and effective. The effectiveness of this treatment is astounding.