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What was your diagnosis?

There were a few issues. Among them, I came here with a bad stomach, my nervous system was bad. My stomach – the digestive system as a whole didn’t work correctly. And my liver – the entire thing was just really bad.

 What brought you to the Clinic?

When we brought the girl here to the clinic. And then my wife also became sick, I brought her here, and once she was stabilized, Robin and his father also took a look at me and could see that I wasn’t well. So, they began to check me out, and it was then that they uncovered the deficiencies that I had.

What has impressed you about the Budwig Center?

What’s impressed me most is the love and the kindness that they treat you with. Without even one pill, it’s just with the way they treat you and the love they offer. This attracts a person. And along with the quality of treatment, they target the exact problem that you have. Not prescribing you just anything, but instead, they deal with what needs to be treated, and from there, we start to get better. That’s what really catches your attention.

What therapies have you found that have helped you the most?

Being strict in doing everything they have advised me to do. The therapy – aside from the medicine, what has helped a lot is knowing how to think and how to deal with it all and to see the positive side of things. For me, one of the things I had was; I wasn’t happy with myself, and this specific therapy helped me to pick myself back up.

What advice would you give to others that are looking for a holistic clinic?

They shouldn’t think twice! But they must come here with the positivity that this is to get you better, and that they have to do what they are told and be positive about it. But if you are feeling ill, don’t think twice!