Maria Cross

The people have been so loving, caring, open and friendly

Well, in the beginning, they had told me I had leukemia. And then, they went through further testing, and after spending two months wondering what was happening to my life, they made another test and found out I didn’t have leukemia. So, I’ve decided to come anyway because I had already talked to the clinic here. So I thought that maybe I could do a cleanse and stop taking some of those medicines that are not good for me, and try some new remedies, the natural remedies.

What has impressed me here are the people, primarily. The people have been so loving and caring and open and friendly. It was a feeling of coming home, and that was a great feeling. I was very apprehensive about what I was going to find. The people who run it are very open and caring, and you can talk to them about just about anything. And that has been enormous. I had considered different clinics and spoke to different doctors, and I’ve found they were pretty rigid, even though they were natural. Finally, I chose this one in Spain. I’m glad I did it.

I like the magnet therapy. Also, the emotional freedom therapy is one of the good ones. Working with Robin on the things that he sees on his machine, the problems that come up, and the remedies recommended were very impressive. My least favorite was the hyperthermia. It’s a big machine, and it’s hot. But the rest has been tremendously helpful to me. I have things I’m going to take home with me.

I suggest to anyone looking for a holistic clinic to do your homework. Some places like to play with your mind, with your head. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you go. You have to ask questions and do your homework.

Maria Cross