After a cystoscopy confirmed I had non-invasive bladder cancer, surgery was performed the next day to remove it and I was treated with 6 weeks of BCG to kill the remaining cancer which is undetectable by the human eye using a cystoscope.

My interaction with fellow patients and some discussions with the doctor’s assistants convinced me I was left with a lifetime of emasculating bladder exams and a likely recurrence of full-blown cancer since I had smoked for over forty years and continued to do so, though at a reduced rate.

I had been taking a number of supplements throughout this period but after this bad news, I hit the Internet in search of any and all natural cures for bladder cancer.
After many hours that spanned many days of searches, I discovered the Budwig Center and downloaded the “Budwig Cancer Guide”. I started taking the cottage cheese/flaxseed combo once a day and per the advice of Lloyd Jenkins added the litre (quart) of lemon/baking soda drink and sauerkraut juice as my early morning beverages of choice.
Just this past Friday (August 28th, 2015), I had my 4th follow-up exam and both urine tests for cancer cells were negative!

You can’t imagine how happy my wife and I were to hear the news before the doctor started the cystoscopy!
The cystoscopy was also negative and seemed to intrigue the doctor with the amount of healing that had taken place.
Now that my cancer is in remission, my wife and I intend to continue following Mr. Jenkins’s advice and stay on the Budwig protocol to rid ourselves of other maladies…the first on the list is arthritis…

My wife and I are very grateful for all of your help!