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Gehan Kerara, Breast Cancer

by Kathy Jenkins | September 9, 2015 | | No Comments

Dear Lloyd

When I came to the Budwig Center back in January 2015 two months after my delivery, the Vega test shows I have still level 4 breast cancerous cells.

This is post my redial mastectomy surgery back in July 2014.

After following the Budwig program, the Vega test I did it personally with Robin in my visit during June 15 that the cancerous cells level dropped to 1.

I feel very thankful and ready to send another sample coming week to hopefully receive news that the level dropped to zero.

I truly appreciate your assistance along the way to even the little details I might clarified. I am spreading the word and really hope eventually the alternative medicine get to be known and we save people life and dignity.

It’s extremely important to continue following up ‘life time’ the guide you circulate it to us So my intention not to relax my routine.

Hope to see you soon with my son (the one the conventional medicine docs told me better not to have)

Please provide my contact to any patients that have similar conditions to mine for any assistance.

Kind Regards,
Gehan Karara, Dubai

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