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Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Thanks for your inquiry and expression of care and concern.

As for how I am doing, well, it’s very difficult for me to measure what’s going on with my body or how effective my self doctoring has been in battling cancer. I only know that the Budwig protocol “disappeared” my partner’s 10 cc tumor within the period of a year or so. …My physicians at the VA Medical Center suspect I have bladder cancer or prostate cancer, or both. But their concern has little merit in my estimation. I have few if any symptoms of cancer. I have a greatly enlarged prostate, but that’s been the case for more than 20 years. I refused prostate surgery back then and started regular consumption of herbal treatments (saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pau d’arco, etc). My PSA score in 1985 was just slightly over 4; today it is just over 23. I have refused a biopsy of the prostate because I fear it will just awaken a sleeping cancer and make it more aggressive. The urologist knows not what to make of me.

As for the bladder, an ultrasound image shows a polyp in my bladder. The urologist wants to do a biopsy, and “while we’re in there” take the polyp out, and if it is rooted in the bladder wall and we can’t get it all, then we’ll just go ahead and take the whole bladder out. Well, I don’t want to go there. Now they’re mad at me and don’t want me to come back if I won’t follow their advice.

So I’m left to doctor myself. I have continued on the Budwig Protocol for the past eight years, religiously, every day, while migrating to a vegetarian diet (although I continue to eat fish several times a week, usually salmon or sardines). I have adopted a practice of consuming green smoothies blended in my Vitamix and including kale, chlorella, spirulina, fenugreek, turmeric, kelp powder, celery, carrots, berries, ginger, fresh lemon, pomegranate juice, and a few other stuff if it’s on hand. I experience a burst of energy in the mornings. Late afternoon, before I leave my office for the day, I take a spoonful of bee pollen granules for another spurt of energy before I have dinner at home. I have cut out all sugar, dairy, wheat, and starchy carbohydrates.

With no way to actually measure my progress on this regimen and its efficacy in defending against possible cancer, I’m left to “sense” my body’s reaction to what I consume and the exercise I practice.

At age 84 years, I guess I should expect some flagging energy from time to time and some aches and pains here and there. Generally, however, I feel pretty well and, if indeed there is cancer present, I feel that it is being held in check and I credit the Budwig Protocol primarily, although I am consuming a variety of other herbals that are reputed to kill cancer cells. Soursop leaf tea, Essiac tea, and others.

Thanks for asking. And thanks for being there for me.
Wallace Dickson
Washington, DC (bladder and prostate cancer)