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What a Life Changing Experience!

brain cancerBack in 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer that found a tangerine sized tumor in my left frontal lobe. Living in the United States, I was not overly concerned with the types of foods that I put into my body and so I ate many things that were harmful to me such as the fast foods, bad fats, high sugar, low nutritional value foods that are typical and even promoted. The doctors in my local hospital were able to remove the tumor and recommended the typical “fry & poison” (radiation & chemo) treatment so absolutely dominant in America.

I took the radiation treatments and about half of the chemo before my Mother and I decided not to continue as I was in really bad shape. By a miracle and God’s leading in my Mother’s life, she found the Budwig Center in Malaga and we came over for the two-week in-patient treatment. What a life-changing experience! From the second I got there I felt the cancer in my body and the cancerous thoughts in my mind run in the other direction.

The amazing treatments that they offer coupled with the fantastic diet change made my whole being sing not only remission but moving far past into excellent health. Armed with the tools and knowledge from the Budwig Center, I am now able to live a wonderfully healthy lifestyle. I am back in the US now and taking a yearly check-up with my doctors here via MRI that has shown ZERO trace of my cancer coming back nearly 6 years later.

Thank you Doctors and staff at the Budwig Center and God bless the work that you do! I will highly recommend you forever!

– Peter Slivkoff

Peter Slivkoff

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  1. Hello my name isAngela Modarelli have stage 3 serous carcinoma uterina cancer almost done my treatments doing the cottage cheese and flax seed oil every morning .. I would like to start a cleanse what would you recommend . I’m not able to travel there is there other programs , books DVD one can purchase: thank you Angela

    1. Dear Angela, We’re sorry to hear you won’t be able to visit us. I have forwarded your information on to Lloyd so that he contacts you about the possibility of a distance program. For anything else you would like to communicate directly to us, please email us: [email protected]

  2. Peter, truly amazing story. SO happy to hear about your journey. I am curious, what kind of brain cancer did you have? GBM? Was the MGMT promoter methylated? Was IDH1 and 2 mutated or normal? Many thanks for sharing your story.

  3. wow Peter, that is a beautiful story!! Sounds like you and your mother really made the right steps for your success story. May you enjoy a long and healthy life.

  4. Wow what a fantastic testimony Peter!! Thank God that your Mum was lead & took the initiative & with Gods leading thank God He lead you both to the budwig center. I am truly grateful you’ve shared your Wonderful Victorious healing Journey!! This gives me hope ‘Thanks to God’ & thank God your Mum obviously has a beautiful heart & has a wonderful relationship with God. Godbless you Peter & your Mum. I’m so so happy for you. Thank God.

  5. What else besides the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil do you recommend? I have stage 3 Neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer.

    1. Dear Diana,

      Thank you for contacting us with your question. Dr. Budwig did much more than feed this recipe to her patients and to treat cancer, especially affecting the pancreas, we need to do much more too. What we learned from Dr. Budwig’s philosophy was that we need to understand that the “cancer” cell is the result of the problem, not the cause. Therefore, the solution will be addressing the reason the body is producing these cancer cells in the first place so that the body resumes correct DNA instructions leading to correct cell production. The reason cancer cells are produced are:
      -Toxins the body hasn’t been able to deal with and eliminate
      -weakened immune system from stress and lack of healthy habits (even lack of sleep)
      -malnutrition and lack of proper hydration
      -virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus’

      So this is what we are addressing with our clinical treatment and therapy. If you are able to come to the clinic, please contact us: [email protected]

  6. My husband was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage 4 last month. We are not able to travel anywhere since I am 8 months pregnant. Please give us recommendations what we can do on his diet.

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