Andrea Kux

I can definitely recommend The Budwig Center

I was diagnosed with a tumor in the stomach, but prior to that, in July 2018, I was diagnosed with something like cancer, but they somehow couldn’t tell me whether it was cancer or not. So it was a very confusing situation.

I started then with the Budwig protocol. I started researching on the internet and came across the Budwig protocol, and I started that with good results. But then, when I got better, I somehow made a mistake to stop following the protocol. That was a big mistake.

I read a lot about the Budwig Center because of the Budwig Protocol. I read everything that was related to Budwig. When I got my second diagnosis, I decided to come here because I was getting a bit exhausted, emotionally, and drained. And besides the physical aspect and the physical symptoms, I felt I needed support. And I felt attracted to the Budwig Center because of the approach. The approach is very wholesome, and it’s very holistic and integrative.

There’s a range of treatments that I responded very well to. The program is so complete that you can’t really say which aspect helped you most. What attracted me the most, and what I thought was the most logical approach was the treatment’s psychological aspect because I feel we often neglect that. We should ask ourselves the question, why, did I get sick in the first place? What happened? It’s not questions that are always comfortable with, but after al, healing is not a comfortable process. And this is something you can’t do by yourself. You can try, but I think even if you’re a strong person, it’s a very hard thing to do when you’re on your own. So, here, at the Budwig Center, you have everything.

And then also what I thought was a really good approach was the detox part. I felt I needed detox, and it got confirmed with the Vega test. Well, the staff was great. Really, really nice people. Very nice atmosphere, also between the patients, very friendly. We were like friends, right away. It was really nice. And even though everyone’s struggling more or less with these issues, we’re still all very positive, and that transmits to everyone. The staff is really nice and very professional. And that’s a beautiful combination as a patient.

What attracted me most was the wholesome approach. And I think, personally me, it’s the best approach because we are complete as persons. And so should we have a comprehensive approach to our elements. I can definitely recommend The Budwig Center. Absolutely.

Thank you to everyone. I’d love to stay in contact and create a little network because I think the exchange is extremely important. After all, it’s not easy to swim against the current and to do things alone. Thanks to everyone.

Andrea Kux