I wanted to stay longer and learn more

Pauline Bent

I was diagnosed just over two years ago with breast cancer. In my early days of the diagnosis, I did a lot of my own research. The Budwig Center and the Budwig Protocol was mentioned on The Truth About Cancer series with Ty Bollinger, the American chap that talks a lot about natural cancer treatments.

I’ve been impressed with everything here really, from the welcome to the care and attention which is second to none. I’m also impressed by the professionalism and, of course, all the things they use and how they are as a team. I believe this is the way healthcare should be. I immediately gained confidence in them. I think it’s a massive thing that they treat you as a whole. Because the clinic is not a big place, it feels much more intimate.

Learning how to do the diet and the inventive recipes have been inspirational. I was crying when I left here. I didn’t want to go because I wanted to stay longer and learn more. I think it’s amazing the combination of so many different foods around the world. Things that you can eat that are healthy, and the combination proves what amazing foods you can eat and what different things you can eat. And it’s really helped me with my diet plans.


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