First of all, I wish to thank each and everyone at the clinic: Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Boiko, Antonia, Robin, Stefanie, Kathy, Manuel, and all the patients like me. It was like a big family, all supporting each other and giving each other strength.

I am 40, from Italy, and in February ’20 I was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer (2 lumps, one being a cyst I had had for years that turned cancerous).

When I was diagnosed, the surgeon wanted to cut my breast to avoid radiation and be on the “safe side”. But I didn’t know yet I had a different view. Until, after speaking with him, I felt unafraid, I felt this Godly message that these 2 lumps were messengers that had come to bring a message: I could love and heal myself. Thus, I set out on my research and my journey. I came across Budwig by mere chance and I was intrigued by their protocol and treatments. Then Dr. Jenkins called me to check if I had gotten all the info they had sent and if I had any further questions. We spoke quite a bit and I felt he nailed quite a few topics and so I decided to join them in Spain.

I spent 2 weeks at the clinic. The first couple of days I was confident but scared, then fear left and only hope and confidence remained… plus the smiles and the joy stemming from the energy and the care you inevitably feel at the clinic.

After my first week, I decided to have my cancer marker tested and it was way below the cancerous range! I was so excited.
I am back home now, missing the energy at the clinic and Dr. Jenkins’ hugs and wise words.

My journey continues, I am aware that I have chosen a longer path. Right after my diagnosis, I knew I needed to put myself in the hands of professionals who have taken the time to investigate the source of diseases and believe there is way more to a dis-ease than just the need to cut and fix.

At Budwig, you will find not only professionals but humans with the desire to help you and to teach you to help yourself. Do not hesitate to email me should you need more details. Trust me, if you give yourself this chance, not only will you not regret it, but you will discover a whole new way to heal yourself. Just be patient and give yourself time. We deserve it after all.