It’s a fantastic clinic. It’s just extraordinary!

What was your diagnosis?

I came here very sick in 2013 or 2014. Very, very ill. And they diagnosed me with cancer of the colon, stage 4.

What brought you to the clinic?

What brought me here was there was a sister, well not quite a sister, who was here receiving treatment for cancer. I came because I didn’t know what I had; I just knew that I was really ill. So, I got in contact with her and came here to the clinic.

What has impressed you about Budwig Center?

Yes! A lot! From the beginning, I’m a different person! Even though I’m still weak, all of the therapies they’ve prescribed for me, I’ve already completed them entirely. And thanks to God, now I have nothing in my colon.

What advice would you give to others that are searching for a holistic clinic?

Well, that they shouldn’t doubt at all to come here. In fact, they say that the best publicity is by word of mouth. So over there in Cadiz and to everyone sick, I tell them about it. And in fact, some have come here so that they can get better because it’s a fantastic clinic. It’s just extraordinary!

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