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What Kind of Teas Can We Drink on The Budwig Diet?

Tea is an ancient drink that is enjoyed the world over. But the questions is: Are Teas permitted if you follow the Budwig Diet?

To get started, watch the following video and then keep reading:

Teas and The Budwig Diet

All herbal teas are encouraged, and in fact, Dr. Budwig had her patients drink many types of herbal teas. Peppermint and Green tea was among her favorites. She encouraged her patients to enjoy a cup 10 minutes before most meals. Why? She found that warm tea helped with the assimilation and digestion of the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

As far as we know, Dr. Budwig did not mention either  Pau D’Arco nor Essiac in any of her books. However, because they are natural herbal teas, they are acceptable as part of the Budwig Protocol.

By the way, if you are a coffee drinker, watch this video.

Our Recommendations

When making tea, always opt for loose and not tea bags. In many cases, tea bags contain chlorine and other harmful toxins. If you are only able to purchase tea bags that we suggest that you open the tea bag, run the hot water through a filter or a strainer, and then pour into a cup.

William Fisher author of the book “How to Fight Cancer and Win” on page 142 spoke about the time he spent with a patient who was treated by Dr. Budwig; he mentioned that black tea could also be acceptable now and then.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you enjoy a daily cup of tea? We invite you to head to our Instagram Page to share your experiences. We have a great community of followers. They regularly send updates on how the Budwig Diet and Protocol have helped them on their road to recovery.

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