Vitamin and Mineral Supplements – What Did Dr. Budwig Say?

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements are used in many parts of the world. Dr. Budwig, however, had some interesting things to say on this topic.

The following are quotes from her books:

“Vitamins in capsules or pills contain fragmented nutrients and are mostly synthetically made. Vitamins should come from fresh whole organic foods (and freshly made juices) which provide proper balance of nutrients for synergism. Not only that… these foods come loaded with electrons and photons from the sun – and with as yet unidentified factors. There is a long list of synthetic components some of which are damaging; amongst these synthetic elements is talcum which is similar to asbestos.”

Dr. Budwig talks about “the addition” of chemical substances which are antioxidants. She stated:

“How then do we get sick? Because we take in too many of these ‘electron thieves’ or in other words, because we eat foods and poisons which block cell respiration. Known electron thieves are for example margarine, animal fat, butter, nitrate, radiation and cytostatics (chemotherapy). They all prevent the uptake of electrons. Interestingly, belonging to this also are antioxidants, like for example vitamins (from a certain level on). [She was apparently referring to man-made antioxidants, which are synthetic, and not antioxidants that are naturally occurring in foods]. Therefore, be careful about using high doses of vitamins.”. 

[translation from page 2 of a 6-page book review (formerly published at of Cancer-the Problem & the Solution] (Dr. Budwig’s book [German-language]  “Fotoelemente des Lebens” (Photo Elements of Life), p. 5)

Dr. Budwig’s book suggests that when fighting cancer cells, the use of antioxidants may be counterproductive. The reason for the anti-cancer activity is that flax oil (combined with quark or cottage cheese) promotes bio-oxygenation and that antioxidants interfere with that process because they counteract the oxygen affinity of flax oil which is a fundamental requirement for this bio or auto-oxygenation to take place.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and The Budwig Center

For the reasons explained above, the Budwig protocol does not include Vitamin C IVs in the anticancer program. The small doses of vitamin C, as found in some plant-based formulas, would not be an issue. She encouraged her patients to eat food in the form that God made it, not manipulated or processed.

Therefore, foods that naturally contain antioxidants are acceptable. For example, when eating grapes try to eat the seeds, as they are one of the best sources of natural antioxidants.

In a study reported in Cancer Research, researchers gave lab rats that had cancer tumors several types of food that contained lycopene. Other rats received the substance via supplements. Those taking the supplements had no significant reduction in tumor growth, but those eating the foods did.

Even high-quality vitamin/mineral supplements may interfere with the delicate process of the oxygen producing flaxseed oil and cottage cheese process.

Scientists are now discovering what Dr. Budwig understood and taught some 50 years ago.

Food Supplements Allowed on The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Center, staying true to the original Budwig approach, avoid using vitamin/mineral supplements. Similarly to Dr. Budwig, we use a lot of herbal and homeopathic supplements. As well as amino acids, algae seaweed extracts, spirulina, mushrooms, active probiotic, and especially spore-biotics. However, vitamins and minerals are best obtained from organic foods.

Enzymes are also best obtained from foods, such as pineapples which are rich in bromelain enzymes.  Superoxide dismutase (SOD) are antioxidants, so be cautious if you are considering using an enzyme supplement.

Our Recommendations

What can we conclude from this study? Whole foods contain many other phytochemicals that work together with lycopene. When man manipulates these ‘foods’ and puts them into a supplement, they are fragmented and do not provide all the benefits. There are ways to obtain minerals naturally, such as in marine phytoplankton, seaweed, and unrefined sea salt.

Our body is intelligently designed, and it knows the difference between ‘real food’ and ‘manipulated foods.’

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