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Allowing Yourself to Focus on Your Mental Well-Being During Cancer Treatment 

People who are diagnosed with diseases such as cancer are at greater risk of a range of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. While research has shown this to be true, what it doesn’t account for is the reason why. Modern cancer treatment tends to focus on the care while leaving out the crucial aspects of patient well-being and the emotional stress that comes along with such a diagnosis. Cancer is a demanding emotional and physical journey, and by equipping yourself with tips that can help increase your mental health and well-being, you can work to turn the experience into something less overwhelming.

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Treat Yourself as a Person, Not a Disease

Doctors all over the world have seen the benefits of treating the person as a whole and not just the disease. Our body’s healing system responds positively to an optimistic attitude and beneficial emotions, making integrative care one way that you can increase your mental well-being during cancer treatment. While integrative care looks different for different people and treatment plans, supportive therapies can include laughter therapy, pet therapy, music therapy, and spiritual counseling. Cancer and mental health are deeply personal, and the experience is individual for every person, so it’s essential to search for something that allows you to feel a deep sense of happiness and positivity. Remember to view yourself as a whole person and not merely someone affected by cancer, and let yourself to grow and change in new ways as you experience new things and accomplish new goals.

Indulge in a Little Rest, Relaxation and Fun

You and your body are going through a lot, and if you make it a point to try and allow your mind and body to rest just a bit, you might be surprised at the results. This will be crucial in fighting the fatigue that you feel. It’s also vital to your body’s healing process that it is rested and that your mind is equally as cared for, seeing as there is a very close connection between the state of our mind and the state of our bodies. Engaging can provide you with the emotional space to clear your head while also allowing you to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. Anxiety, particularly, is noted as being a strong emotion that cancer patients experience. This emotion, however, is future-based, and by learning to focus on and live in the present, you can reduce the effects that it has on you. Positive distractions help, such as taking up a new hobby and surrounding yourself with positive support.

Developing a Mental Plan for Success

Awareness and advocacy of cancer are prevalent, but many seem to forget to address the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis and its implications in care and prognosis. During this process, it is important to understand that while your experience is highly personal, you do have a support system that can help you deal with and increase your mental well-being. Allow your mind and body to rest when you feel like you need it, engage in activities that allow you to relieve stress and anxiety, and find ways to keep your mind positive and distracted, and you just might find your body healing in ways you never knew it could.

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