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Cancer Prevention According to The Budwig Protocol

A recent cancer study by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has suggested that two-thirds of cancer cases are primarily due to random cell mutations. The other third are thought to arise due to environmental factors, lifestyle and inherited genes.1

Each day, billions of cells are replenished within our bodies by the dividing of our stem cells. With each cell division, there is a danger of DNA mutation which ultimately leads to a cell becoming cancerous. The body may then continue to split the cancerous cells and produce more cancerous cells through this replication process.

The team at Johns Hopkins suggest that two-thirds of cancer cases are a matter of bad luck and that there is nothing we can do to prevent it from happening. Some of us are just born with bad genes and sadly at some point, these genes will mutate and lead to cancer developing within our bodies.

I’m not sure about you, but I personally don’t like the idea of my life being determined by the roll-of-a-dice and whether or not I was born lucky. Unfortunately, for many of us, this is the case. Healthy people don’t usually worry about preventing a certain illness, but cancer has become so widespread and there seem to be so many factors contributing to this, that it is now a serious topic and even a trend to try specifically to prevent cancer.

Some of us may also inherit faulty genes which can lead to cancer or some other form of the disease. Of course, for some people, genetics does not play a part, many choose to lead unhealthy lives, hitting the self-destruct button in the process.

Whether you agree with the results of the research or not, the fact remains that around 33% of cancer cases CAN be avoided. This suggests that by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, we can to some degree roll the dice in our favor and improve our own personal odds.

Understanding the causes, the best plan for prevention

Cancer prevention, Budwig Protocol

The three factors mentioned in the article from Johns Hopkins are accurate in stating that environment, lifestyle, and heredity have a role to play. However, according to Dr. Johanna Budwig’s research, in many cases, the basic causes of cancer are mainly related to chemical, environmental and emotional toxins. These come from toxic and chemical substances we sometimes rely on, in many processed foods, tap water, polluted air, electrical smog and our own difficulty with the stresses of life.

If we look at cancer incidence rates worldwide, we can see that surprisingly poorer regions of the world, such as West Africa, actually have far fewer cancer cases per 100,000 people than in more developed countries.

West Africa has around 79 cancer cases per 100,000 with the U.S at 295 per 100,000. Other developed nations also perform just as badly such as Denmark who are top with over 338! 2

But why is that?…

How can you prevent cancer?

If you do not have cancer (and we sincerely hope that remains the case) you should know that in order for you to improve your chances of remaining cancer free, there are a number of lifestyle changes you do well to adopt.

How can poorer countries without access to multi-billion dollar healthcare systems have so fewer cancer incidences?

Well, in most cases it’s because those who do not live in the West generally have a more simple life. Less stress, more exercise or a less sedentary life, simple nutritious whole foods, have a healthy weight and in most cases are unable to afford tobacco, alcohol, as well as the many other Western pleasures.

It’s fair to say that in most cases this is not a much a matter of choice, and of course, they have other problems to deal with such as not having fresh water to drink or having to deal with other diseases such as Ebola.

I’m not suggesting that you go and live in West Africa or deprive yourself in some way. But, if you want to reduce your risk of contracting cancer, you need to think about doing the following:

Detox your body at least once a year
Maintain a healthy immune system by dealing with negative emotions in a healthy way
Get regular exercise and stay active
Maintain a healthy weight
Avoid sun damage
Stop smoking
Reduce alcohol consumption
Sleep well (8 hours per night)
Learn to simplify your life
Eat whole foods and avoid fast food.
Maintain an alkaline pH state
Cut out sugar
Educate yourself
Spend time outdoors, in nature

We are all too familiar with these recommendations since they are drummed into us whenever we read a newspaper, watch television or indeed read any health-related article online. Unfortunately, many of us do not heed such advice.

If you want to avoid cancer, you need to create the right environment in which cancer cannot survive.

Create the Right Environment

The key is NOT to create an ideal environment for the cancer viruses to thrive and if we are unlucky enough to get cancer, to immediately turn things around using proven natural supplements and therapies.

At the Budwig Center, each year we have many people visiting our clinic here in Spain and we correspond with thousands of people who email or call us. In all cases, we focus on the individual and their current environment. A one-size-fits-all approach in most cases is not sufficient as we are all different and respond to treatments in different ways.

Quite often we experience astonishing results when treating cancer patients. Using a variety of potent supplements and specialist therapies, we focus on destroying the root cause of cancer, which, in the vast majority of cases is due to the presence of chemical, environmental and emotional toxins, microbes, parasites, viruses, fungi and other harmful pathogens.

So although many cancer cases can, in fact, be attributed to bad luck or chance, the treatments and the approach you take to eradicate it must not be. Instead, the approach needs to reflect the individual patient’s own internal environment and personal circumstances.

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