Cancer Prevention – How to Check Your pH Balance

Too few people fully understand the significance of maintaining a good pH balance in their body systems. The closest many people come to being aware of the existence of pH are swimming pool, and swimming pool service technicians. If the pH balance of a pool is low, it means that the water has become too acidic, and the result for bathers is sore, burning eyes and noses, dry itchy skin, and swimwear that loses its elasticity and becomes bleached. The opposite condition, (i.e. water with a high pH balance, meaning that it has become too alkaline) has similar effects on the human body.

But when your body system pH levels get out of balance, the result can be even more drastic because it affects your immune system. It is a scientifically proven fact that when your body pH levels become too acidic (a condition known as acidosis), you are much more susceptible to falling ill. It’s all about looking after your body’s internal environmental condition. By providing a clean environment for your body cells, you are giving them the very best protection against becoming diseased. And remember, all illness starts at the cellular level.

How To Test Your pH Levels

In order for your body to have a healthy pH balance, it should measure 7.4 on the pH scale. But how do you go about measuring it? Well in actual fact it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is to obtain a testing kit from your local pharmacy or, if you prefer, you can buy them online. The kit consists of a set of small pH balance test strips. All you need is a small sample of either saliva or urine. You then take 1 test strip and dip the end in the body solution you have chosen to test. The end of the strip which has been immersed will then change color.

Next, simply take your test strip and compare it to the color chart that is also a part of the kit you bought. The color chart is coded with the pH levels that correspond to the various shaded colors. Whilst these tests are not the most accurate way of measuring your body’s pH levels, (you should go to your doctor and arrange a blood test for spot-on accuracy), they will at least give you a more than a good indication of where your level lies.

When testing your saliva or urine you will need to be aware that they will give different readings as both solutions are produced in different ways and have different optimum ranges. Let’s take saliva first. The natural optimum reading for saliva is 7.5, which means that your body is slightly alkaline perfect! Please note, however, that you should wait until 2 hours after eating or drinking to carry out your test. Also, to get the best view of how your body is performing, you should do three tests throughout the day. Simply spit into a spoon, dip the test strip in the spittle, wait a few seconds, and then simply match it up to the color swatch.

When To Test Your pH Levels

When testing your urine, follow these simple instructions. You should do a urine test first thing in the morning shortly after you get up. Collect a small sample of urine in a cup and dip in the test strip. Once again, wait a few seconds and offer the test stick up to the color swatch. Just be aware that urine is more acidic first thing in the morning, therefore a normal reading would be around 6.5 being the first reading of the day. If you do it two hours after breakfast it should be more in the range of 7.4

Your diet will significantly affect your body’s pH levels. As you might well expect, the bad foods, (Burgers, chips, Cola, chocolate, sweets etc.), are so-called acid foods and will raise the acid level in your blood, whereas the good foods, (fresh produce, green leafy vegetables, salads, nuts etc.), are alkaline foods and will help maintain a more alkaline aligned pH level.

Given how important your pH levels are, and how simple and inexpensive the pH balance test kits are, you should be sure to test yourself from time to time to ensure that your system is not too acidic. A carefully balanced pH state is your best way of avoiding illness. Check it out now!

So what’s your experience with testing your pH balance? We would love to hear your comments below and any tips you wish to share.

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