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How The Budwig Programs Can Help You

Budwig Programs

The objective of the Budwig Programs is to treat the root cause of diseases and various health conditions, not just the symptoms. Dr. Budwig discovered that microbes and fungus, toxins, nutritional imbalance, and a compromised immune system are all major factors that contribute to cancer.

The Budwig Center’s Natural Treatments for Cancer

The Budwig Center, located in Torremolinos, has for the past 20 years been helping people treat cancer with natural methods and remedies based on the research of Dr. Johanna Budwig. We use various state-of-the-art medical devices. For example, Hyperthermia uses heat to create an artificial fever that can weaken cancer tumors. Learning about our therapies has been the catalyst that prompted many to choose the Budwig Center.

We Treat Various Health Conditions (Not Just Cancer)

Our protocol tackles symptoms such as low appetite, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, and much more. Additionally, we also address diet and nutrition and even the emotional state of each patient, which in most cases is a critical component to severe health conditions. Many people have trouble with these conditions, not just cancer patients. Although we are known as a cancer clinic, we have seen the need to provide specialized Health and Wellness Programs to anyone who requires support to address these health issues and reinforce the system.

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Health and Wellness Programs – For You

The purpose of the Health and Wellness Programs is to give each aspect of your health a little boost. For example, we start with the Vega test, which enables us to analyze and evaluate the organs and systems that require more attention. Additionally, we give attention to each patient’s emotional state. For example, Evox is a state-of-the-art therapy that helps you know how your emotions and relationships affect your health. The objective is to restore emotional balance. Kinesiology helps patients identify aspects of their lives that are “stealing” vital energy needed for general wellbeing. 

These tests and therapies are just the beginning – they give us vital insight into each person’s condition and thus assist us in establishing the foundation we need to provide the patient with further support, health recommendations, and suitable remedies. 

How the Budwig Programs Help You

  • We use personalized tests which give a complete analysis of a patient’s condition to establish which remedy and dosage will be most effective for them.
  • Because toxins are a key factor that hinders proper cellular bio-oxygenation, we provide various effective detox treatments that improve the organs’ function.
  • Our weekly group discussions allow our patients to gain an in-depth understanding of the Budwig protocol and how to make it a part of their life.
  • We have a dedicated kitchen area where we provide daily meals and teach patients how to make Budwig diet recipes.

What is Behind the Success of The Budwig Diet?

We start with a total physical and emotional detox regime, followed by restoration and enhancement of the immune system. Then we provide a diet plan with nutrition-rich foods to improve cellular bio-oxygenation, which thus empowers the body to ward off the toxins, pathogens, and microbes that contribute to illnesses. An advantage to the Budwig Diet is that you will still be able to eat many of your favorite meals by simply using healthy and organic ingredients.

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Personalized Support and Education

Our objective at the Budwig center is not just to help each patient recover their health but also to provide education.Thus, we endeavor to empower each patient physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Additionally, we have found that communicating feelings and symptoms as openly as possible is tremendously important when dealing with any illness. Our staff speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian fluently. Being able to talk and be understood in their language has made our patients feel comfortable, and it has given them confidence in what they are doing and learning.

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