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Do Hormonal Disorders Cause Cancer?

Hormonal disorders affect both men and women. There is a common myth that hormones can cause cancer. You’ve probably read that certain tumors or types of cancer are hormonal dependent and that we must, therefore, avoid all hormones in food as well as inhibit the natural production of hormones in our body.

For more information, watch the following video:

As highlighted in the video, it’s that it’s not our hormones that directly cause cancer but, instead, it is what our hormones are exposed to, which is the real problem. For example, In the year 1900, only 5% of the population reportedly had cancer. By 2016, 46% of the world’s population was fighting cancer. What has changed from 1900 to now?

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What about ER-Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer?

When a person gets a breast cancer diagnosis, the oncologist will probably tell them that their condition is hormonal driven.  There is a variety of different definitions they will use. According to the medical approach, about 80% of all breast cancers are “ER-positive.” The medical world will probably tell you that this means that cancer cells grow in response to the hormone estrogen. About 65% of these are also “PR-positive.” They grow in response to another hormone, progesterone.  On the other hand, if your breast cancer has a significant number of receptors for either estrogen or progesterone, it would be considered hormone-receptor positive.

What Is The Real Cause of Cancer?

There are many contributing factors that cause cancer but the main cause is toxins. As explained in the articles linked above, we have many more toxins now than ever before. In the air, water and in our food. Also, we must not forget about emotional toxins and stress that has increased dramatically with the hectic lifestyle of our “modern world”. At the Budwig Cancer Center, we use several therapies to detoxify our patients, such as hyperthermia, infrared saunas, ionic foot baths, Epsom salt baths, colonic irrigation, herbal formulas, and emotional healing therapies.

The Budwig Protocol Vs. Hormonal Disorders

The famous flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture that Dr. Budwig used to contain two anticancer components: lignans and an omega-3 fat called “alpha-linolenic acid” (ALA). Several studies have been carried out to determine how phytoestrogens in flaxseeds help counteract cancer progression. One theory compares the estrogen-receptor blocking ability of flaxseeds with estrogen-receptor modulation drugs. Weak plant-based estrogens block the estrogen receptors of cells within breast tissue, starving them of full-strength female estrogen, possibly stopping tumor growth and preventing cell damage.

The best way to treat and prevent cancer is to try to avoid the many toxins around us by:

  • making wise food choices
  • drinking clean water
  • regular detox programs
  • consuming selected herbs and chlorella
  • regular infrared sauna sessions
  • and regular exercise

These habits will help us keep balanced so that we can avoid hormonal disorders as well as other unbalances that contribute to cancer.

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