What Really Causes Cancer?

What really causes cancer? The simple answer to this question is, a ‘disruption or disturbance of energy within our body.’ Top health care professionals and researchers believe that we all have a certain amount of cancer microbes and cells within our bodies, but if we have enough healthy cells, we can keep them under control. However, when there is a ‘disruption in the body’s energy levels,’ cancer cells and tumors begin to form.

Cancer Causes – The Main Contributing Factors

In this article, we highlight the principal causes of cancer. The Budwig Program addresses each of these issues.

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Inadequate Nutrition

The first of the main factors that contribute to cancer is improper or insufficient nutrition. We can safely say that the western diet is a fertilizer for cancer. This diet includes highly processed foods that lack minerals, amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, etc., which are all required for our DNA to make healthy normal cells. We have some 70 trillion cells in our body. Each day, the body replaces 50 to 70 billion of these cells with new healthy ones.

Did you know? Because our body replaces billions of cells each day, every seven years we are totally renewed on a cellular level.

Despite this marvelous function of the human body, problems occur when our cells get distorted or diseased. DNA will “copy” the damaged cells. Our DNA is much like a high-speed photocopy machine. When you photocopy a document that has a stain on it, the copy is just as bad or very often, even worse.

To generate healthy cells, DNA requires adequate minerals, enzymes, amino acids, trace minerals, fats, vitamins, etc. But if the body is lacking in some of these essential elements, then the new cells made by the DNA will be reflective of the original cell, in this case, weak and distorted.

Weak Immune System

Unfortunately, the situation gets more severe with time because damaged cells are much more vulnerable to pathogens and microbes.  We all have microbes, parasites, and harmful bacteria within us, and this means our immune system needs to be at optimum levels to keep up with the daily battle against invaders. Other factors such as, being overworked and run down over an extended period, pessimistic and negative thinking, lack of sufficient rest, and improper nutrition all contribute to a weakened immune system.


Another area of concern is emotional trauma. Such trauma is toxic to our body and contributes to the disturbance of energy in our body, and can add to our weakened state. Such emotional trauma can come from various sources, for example, a troubled childhood, divorce, bankruptcy, abuse of some kind, anger management issues, frustration, guilt, and so on.

Besides, there are chemical and environmental toxins that are also harmful. Also, certain household cleaning products, dangerous toxic chemicals, electrical pylons, and cell phone towers, to mention a few. Non-organic or GMO foods are also toxic because they contain harmful pesticides and herbicides, so eating such foods overloads the body with toxins.

Did you know? Some have humourously said that “GMO” really stands for ‘God Move Over’.  More and more research is coming out on just how dangerous GMO food really is.


Microbiologists and other specialists have come to understand that Cancer begins when a virus and/or fungus that enters the cells. Due to a lack of oxygen and proper nutrition as well as a weakened immune system, these viral microbes enter weak and damaged cells. So, compromised cells lead to an ideal environment for hosting fungus, which subsequently leads to degenerative diseases.

But, let’s stop and think for a moment. Some people have followed a proper diet all their lives, are in good health, and may never have had to suffer severe emotional trauma who still develop cancer. How can we explain that? 

The Budwig Protocol Vs. Cancer

From our experience in treating people at the Budwig Center, just one or two of the above factors could be all that’s needed to provide the ideal environment for cancer microbes to multiply.

To learn how the Budwig Protocol address cancer and its symptoms, watch the following video:

Cancer is not always a genetic disease as many would like us to believe, but a metabolic disorder. It can only be corrected when we repair the disturbance of energy within our body. How?

  • Proper nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Destroying harmful microbes
  • Emotional healing
  • Enhancement of the immune system.

Taking care of these issues, you will, therefore, be treating and focusing on the root cause of cancer and not just the symptoms, thereby increasing the possibilities of making a full recovery and ensuring that this debilitating disease will not come back again later in life.

Very often, people ask us at the Budwig Center, which remedy or therapy is the most effective for fighting cancer? We reply that there is no “one” remedy or particular treatment that a person should rely on, but rather a multi-pronged approach is what’s needed — an approach that addresses all four of the contributing factors that we have discussed.

Head to our programs page to learn more about how we address cancer and its symptoms naturally. Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on how our environment has contributed to cancer, download our FREE Guide.

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5 thoughts on “What Really Causes Cancer?”

  1. Mrs Rosina Dhala

    I am very interested to know about your clinic and whether you can help a pancreatic cancer patient grade 4 having aggressive chemo ferlingvverycwesk and list a lot of weight . Would like to hear from you as she does not want to cintinue with this treatment . Can you help her ?

  2. From different sources I have got the information, that cancer is the ultimative request for love: “start to love yourself or die”.
    Anita Moorjani has spoken in a thrilling way about her eye-opening healing from completely hopeless end-stage of lymph cancer.
    Watch this video to understand the importance of love for yourself and keep in mind, that the body is only a mirror which shows you the condition of your soul.

    In truth only the state of your conciousness decides whether you stay healthy or become ill.

    Good wishes!

    1. Dear Alexander, there are different descriptions and “reasons” for cancer. Starting to eat right, handle our stress, sleep well, prioritize what our body needs etc are a sure way to show our body that we love it and if we have been neglecting our health, we have been sending the message to our body that we come 2nd. Whether it is 2nd to others we love, our job etc. So it is important to look at the emotional patterns that have caused a person to deteriorate until the point of getting cancer. Listening to cancer survivors like Anita is certainly inspiring and a wake up call. We hope more people will prevent cancer with the information and examples of all the ones around us getting cancer.

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