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A Message to All Cancer Patients

The news of a cancer diagnosis can impact a person so much that many have felt that life will never be the same. To all cancer patients – Please don’t lose hope! People are winning the battle against the disease every day – many by using the Budwig Protocol methodology!

This is encouraging news. So in this article, we would like to share a few practical tips that may help you on your road to recovery. For further inspiration, head to our testimonials page to read the fantastic stories of people who are now healthy and enjoying life.

Your Road to Recovery – The Emotional Journey

The first thing to consider is the emotional impact of receiving a cancer diagnosis. We highly recommend that you don’t try to walk this road of recovery alone. Finding people to be there for you, supporting and encouraging you through the good days and the bad, is vital. There are many support groups available to help and assist. Keep your family, friends, and anyone you trust involved in your decision-making, especially when deciding upon a specific treatment or clinic.

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It’s evident that in many cases, there is an emotional component to chronic illnesses. To assist in this area, we provide several effective emotional therapies. Additionally, we often emphasize to our patients the importance of forgiveness and ‘counting your blessings.’ These are two vital emotional states that you need to stay strong.

We often urge our patients to forgive absolutely everyone that has disappointed. Why? Because holding a grudge is too heavy for one to carry, especially at this moment in your life. Some may find this impossible, depending on the circumstance. However, keep in mind that we may not be able to forgive the “act” or the “sin,” but we can forgive the person or the sinner!

Additionally, cancer patients need to look beyond their illness or condition. Often, when we face significant problems in our lives, we find clarity and focus more on what’s really important in life, such as family, friends, etc. We warmly encourage you to take 20 minutes of quiet time every day to read and meditate on empowerment statements. For example, all patients who enroll in our programs receive our book, entitled “Courage and Wisdom in a Time of Need.”

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Cancer Patients and The Budwig Protocol

You may be reading this article because you’ve heard about the success of the Budwig Protocol. If so, we urge you to keep in mind that Dr. Budwig warned that any modification or addition to the program could compromise its success. Many Centers and Clinics use only some aspects of Dr. Budwig’s approach. For example, many promote eating the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture. At the same time, they may use therapies and remedies (i.e., artificial oxygen and vitamin/ mineral IV’s and supplements) that could nullify the benefits of this formula.

Dr. Johanna Budwig directly authorized the Budwig Center in August 2000 to use her program. We are careful to adhere to the original Budwig protocol, and that is why we have witnessed excellent results with all types of cancers, as Dr. Budwig did.

Treat The Root Cause of Cancer, Not Just The Symptoms

At the Budwig Center, we aim to identify and address the disease’s root cause, and then we do everything possible to help the body overcome that cause. There are four (4) leading reasons a person develops cancer; once these are dealt with, the body can begin to heal itself effectively.

Learn more about our therapies in thsi video:

Cancer Patients – You Have Our Support

All our patients receive newsletters and follow-up support. Patients can invest in the GSR hand cradle to have their progress tested remotely. Regular GSR tests, whether at the clinic or from your home, allow us to supervise your improvement and offer more help.

In conclusion, We would like to say to all cancer patients that we believe we have one of the best, most comprehensive programs available at this time. We have an endless list of testimonials that provide evidence of the success of the Budwig approach.

We sincerely wish that by following the methodology of the Budwig Protocol, you will “add years to your life and life to your years.”

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