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Life After Cancer is Worth Celebrating

There is no denying that receiving a cancer diagnosis is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can go through. Just hearing the word “cancer” can be scary and daunting. Even though this disease has brought a great deal of suffering to individuals and families all over the world, many people have been able to look cancer right in the face and say, “No, I will not be a victim, I will be a survivor.”

These brave women, men, and children, with the support of their friends and families, have become an inspiration to us all. It’s not just their willingness to make the necessary changes to combat the disease, but it’s their refusal to allow cancer to rob them of their positivity and drive.

Budwig Protocol Cancer Survivors

For the past 20 years, we have personally worked with these types of courageous people. They come to our clinic to receive natural treatments to address their cancer, and in return, they have given us a precious gift — their sterling example. As we watch them fight to stay positive in the face of challenging odds, as we observe their inner strength and determination, our hearts fill with awe. Week in and week out we welcome people to our clinic from various parts of the globe who repeatedly remind us that this life is not just worth living, it’s worth fighting for!

We’re so glad that each year the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation motivates people all over the world “to celebrate cancer survivors in their community, to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face because of their disease, and – most importantly – to celebrate life.”

Be Inspired by Cancer Survivors

In harmony with this initiative, we would like to share just a handful of the testimonials of those who have fought against cancer using the Budwig Protocol and Diet. These personal accounts have inspired others to see the value in pursuing a natural approach to address the disease. Because of having made the adjustment to a healthier diet and lifestyle as well as adhering to the Budwig Protocol, so many of those who have been through our programs are now living vibrant and healthy lives.

We hope that by sharing these stories, you and your loved ones can have the confidence that receiving a cancer diagnosis is not the end; for many, it’s been their beginning.

Please take a few moments to read some heartfelt patient stories on our testimonials page and scroll down to watch some of our video testimonials.

Budwig Patient Stories

Tan Lefarge

Tan Lefarge visited our clinic last year. Her sister has been her support and rock and kindly shared Tan’s story and related their experience at the Budwig Center.


Pauline Bent

After going through our cancer programs, Pauline left feeling reinvigorated emotionally and physically. Watch this video and hear her story.


Thomas Olawore

Thomas was diagnosed with prostate cancer and visited our clinic in February 2019. He was delighted with the treatment and care he received at the Budwig Center. He recently contacted us to let us know that after another scan, the doctors confirmed that his condition is now stable. He is thrilled with the impact the Budwig Protocol has had on his health.


Maria Cross

Maria was diagnosed with Leukemia; however, after further scans and tests, she was later told by her doctors that the initial diagnosis was incorrect. Since she had several other health issues, Maria decided to visit our clinic anyway to avail herself of the many natural treatments we offer. Within just a few days, she noticed an improvement to her health. Watch this video and hear her story.


Sheila Devlin

Sheila came to our clinic to assist her long-time friend Maria who was diagnosed with Leukemia and had other health issues. Once Sheila arrived at the Budwig Center She was pleasantly surprised at the work we carry out here and the care we provide.

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