Emotional Healing At The Budwig Center (Guide)

It’s no secret that healing comes from within; the way we think and feel influences our health just as much as healthy diet and exercise. There are several different emotional approaches within integrative medicine, promoting a healthy mind and body for optimum health and healing.

Energy and Emotional Healing – A Quick Guide

The Budwig Center offers a range of integrative medicine methods, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), acupuncture, and bio-magnetic therapy. Our experienced advisors and clinicians make a holistic assessment and work together with clients to work out the best plan of care and the therapies that are right for the individual. We use up-to-date techniques and technology to tailor our treatments.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT involves a frank appraisal of all the issues, concerns and feelings, followed by positive vocalization while tapping on pressure points. The pressure points chosen are believed to be centres of energy flow that help reinforce the healing of body and mind. EFT is non-invasive and the participants can learn to use the technique independently. It is risk-free and can be very effective for a range of conditions.

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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BPT)

An update on a therapeutic intervention that has been in use since ancient times, BPT involves the use of magnets placed over certain points in the body with an aim to realign the natural biomagnetic field. This is believed to help create an ideal natural healing environment by influencing the pH and energy of the affected area.

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EVOX – A therapy that uses voice mapping to identify emotional issues underlying physical illness. This technique helps us to face problems head-on and confronting issues that may be below the surface but which can cause both mental and physical illness.

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Bioenergetic Therapy

Based again on the idea of pressure points present all over the body that influence the energy flow, quartz crystals are used to reset this flow, along with a combination of breathing and relaxation exercises. Quartz is well known to have powerful energy-modulating properties, which is why it’s used in horology.


Kinesiology is closely linked to conventional approaches to physical therapy and psychotherapy. Kinesiology takes a whole-person approach and uses a combination of talking therapies, physical awareness, and movement therapy to empower the body’s innate healing processes. Individualized kinesiology plans are created following muscle testing, which is an assessment of the body’s movement and muscular response.

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This ancient therapy involves the application of very fine, sterile needles to important pressure points of the body, carefully chosen to correspond with the areas of concern. Acupuncture is an ancient treatment and is thought to work by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. Just as the body would respond to any pain unintentionally, so it can be influenced to respond the same way with the use of safe, gentle triggers.

Bach Flowers

There are 38 flower essences that Dr. Edward Bach discovered to help us maintain balance and recuperate our serenity. These are mainly from wildflowers. Their essence is safe for people of any age, including pets.

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The Importance of Understanding

Emotional health plays a key part in our overall health and in providing the optimum internal environment for physical healing. A big part of any cancer diagnosis, as well as prognosis, is fear and uncertainty. Understanding the true cause of the disease as well as its development can play an essential part in defining the right path for healing.

One approach that has helped many to gain a better understanding of disease is German New Medicine. Although this approach is highly criticized by Western Medicine in general, the consideration of the Five Biological Laws according to Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, with an open mind, can help one to understand the biological conflict that led to the manifestation of disease originally, as well as what might have subsequently caused what conventional medicine terms as “metastasis”. This understanding can introduce a completely new paradigm of health and disease, which will greatly contribute to emotional stability and freedom.

Energy, Emotional Healing And You

Physical illness and emotional health are inextricably linked; a problem with one will lead to a problem with the other, and it is impossible to heal someone without paying attention to both aspects of the person – mind and body. Our advisors and clinicians at the Budwig Center can answer any question you have about our therapies. We encourage active participation and understanding your treatment is an important part of that.

As natural healing techniques are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, a meeting with our clinical specialists is essential to make a plan of treatment that suits you and your lifestyle. Our expert assessments can give you the best chance of natural recovery, enabling your body’s optimum healing environment.

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