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When many people hear the word ‘diet’ or food plan, they’re immediately concerned that what follows is an extreme weight loss regime, a list of unpleasant and tasteless foods, and a host of other restrictions that will take all the enjoyment out of life.

Fortunately, the Dr. Budwig Diet and Food Plan is quite the opposite. Dr. Johanna Budwig’s focus was to encourage her patients to enjoy a balanced selection of foods that contribute to optimum health. In reality, the Budwig Diet is a healthy way of eating that we encourage everyone to adopt, not just cancer patients.

To get you started, watch the following video:

Additionally, you can get lots of tips and suggestions on how to follow the Budwig Diet in the following articles:

We also encourage you to download the Budwig Guide. It’s packed with all the information you’ll need to understand the basic principles behind the Budwig Diet and food plan.

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