How To Raise Funds For Natural Cancer Treatments

More people are searching for natural cancer treatments than ever before. However, the main obstacle holding some back is funding. Government and private insurance companies usually only work with traditional allopathic therapies and do not always support holistic healthcare.

Natural Cancer Treatment is Often Not Covered by Health Insurance

Those who want to pursue natural methods to complement traditional treatments generally have to fund themselves. At the Budwig Center, we receive calls and emails every day from people worldwide looking for help, and the biggest problem most people encounter is that they either live on a pension or are on a limited budget. We are happy to say that some excellent funding groups are willing to help those in need.

Raise Funds with Charitable Funding Groups

The most common way to raise funds no matter where you live is through charitable contributions or Crowd-funding. It works because a collective group finances the total sum requested without asking for anything in return. There is also the option of obtaining interest-free loans and/or cashing in your life insurance policy for an immediate cash payout.

To Find out more, read our article Using CrowdFunding to finance your Natural Cancer Treatment.

How we Provide Support

To help as many people as possible, we provide personalized programs tailored to a person’s needs and financial circumstances. However, this is for very specific cases, and it largely depends on the type of cancer one has and the stage of cancer.

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