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Detox Your Body – Why?


You may have heard that it’s not necessary to detox our bodies because the liver does an excellent job on its own. It’s true; the body’s filtering capabilities are a marvel. However, we may still experience a buildup of toxins and other unwanted substances because of an unhealthy diet, the environment, and other factors.

So doing a detox helps to:

  1. reinforce the liver so that it can work better
  2. it gives the immune system an easier time of doing its job
  3. ensures more nutrients are available to the body

That’s why here at the Budwig Center, we provide Wellness Programs that include detoxification.

Read on to learn more about why detoxing is good for you, and CLICK HERE to know about our Health & Wellness Program.

Teach Yourself to Eat Better

Modern society has created a diet high in carbs, heavy on meat, and low in fiber. Commuting and working long hours has led to many developing the habit of eating way too much take-out and junk food while skipping on vegetables. And no, a few pickles, lettuce, and ketchup on that hamburger do not qualify as “eating your vegetables.” It would be best to consume more vegetables, a moderate amount of meat, and fewer carbs for optimal body function. If you look at your eating habits and realize that it fits a pattern of high carbs and low protein, you should detox and relieve your body from the overload of unhealthy nutrients.

Putting more vegetables in your diet helps you feel full for longer. It also gives your body more nutrients to draw from for better function. Retraining yourself to eat more vegetables enables you to change your food focus and helps you to prioritize picking healthy foods to eat over unhealthy ones. Dr. Budwig herself was a vegetarian and encouraged her patients to follow her example.

Make sure to eat organic vegetables as often as possible. Fertilizers and other substances leave toxins in fields that eventually make their way onto the final product. Don’t derail your detoxifying efforts by eating vegetables that carry toxins.

Carbs are great for bursts of energy because the body converts them to sugars. Sugar is known to cause inflammation in the body, a normal part of the body’s processes. Too much inflammation, known as chronic inflammation, can lead to health issues such as heart disease and insulin resistance. Eating a healthy diet low in sugar as part of the detox routine has a direct benefit in reducing chronic inflammation and leading to feeling better overall.

Stimulate the Body to Work Better Through Exercise

Exercise is often hailed as something that helps you feel better by losing weight and building muscle, but it does way more than that. When you’re carrying around less weight, your physical structures and systems don’t have to work as hard to do their jobs. Less stress on your vital body functions means the filtering systems can do a much better job clearing out all the toxins.

You can engage in any form of exercise to detox your body, no matter your age or physical condition. Aerobics, cardiovascular machines, and aquatics are all low-impact options to help you build muscle without a lot of stress. If you want to gain physique, you can increase the weight or intensity. When you exercise, you strengthen the function of your lymphatic system, which carries toxins out of your body. The result is that you feel better because you clear more toxins from your body than you would otherwise.

Get Your Liver, Lungs, and Kidneys Working Better

The liver, lungs, and kidneys are three of the multiple filtration systems in your body. Lungs draw out particles from the air and separate them from the oxygen you breathe to provide the bloodstream with clean O2. The liver filters blood while the kidneys filter waste from the body and eliminate it through urine. When you’re putting your body under stress due to a bad diet, lack of exercise, spending too long in adverse atmospheres (smoke, exhaust, etc.), you’re making it harder for your filtration systems to work optimally.

While you may not remove all of the sources of toxins from your life, you can at least change your diet and wear a face mask on days when pollution is high (depending on which country you live in). Reducing the number of toxins that get into your bloodstream and lungs makes it easier for these organs to do their job. The less load on the lungs, liver, and kidneys, the better their function.

Stay Healthy and Reduce Illnesses

Carrying around a load of natural and synthetic toxins in the body puts stress on the immune system. Usually, the immune system is on alert for bacterial and viral invaders. It is also on the lookout for environmental toxins. The result is your immune system spends more time attacking toxins on top of the job it already does of seeking out viruses and bacteria. Going through a detox lowers the load of toxins and lets your immune system focus on fighting off invaders that contribute to illness.

There’s also the fact that the immune system interacts with gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). When you have a healthy gut flora and no leakage from inflammation, your body has a much more robust immune system. It may not be able to stop the onset of the common cold entirely, but you’re less likely to suffer intense symptoms, and you’ll feel better sooner because your immune system is operating at its best.

Stimulates Weight Loss

We must highlight that detoxing isn’t a magic remedy for weight loss. The loss of excess fat comes from changing the diet from a carb-heavy diet to one that satisfies you with fewer calories. Add exercise into the mix, and you’ll find that the weight falls off. Also, weight loss is its form of detoxing, so you’re giving yourself a one-two punch when you embark on toxin-reducing measures.

When toxins enter the body, they get trapped in the fat cells and stay there. However, toxins aren’t kept in the body permanently as fat cells are continuously being burned. The problems arise when you’re not losing weight and thus holding onto the fat for longer. Losing weight via a detoxing diet causes the body to burn fat, pushing out the stored toxins. Combined with the change in diet, this ultimately reduces the load of toxins in the body.

The way your body functions is a direct result of what you eat. What you consume, breathe in, and come in contact with via your skin is converted into bone and tissues throughout your body. That means toxins are found in every structure and system. You may not be able to reduce your entire toxin load, but you can go a long way towards lowering it by changing your habits.

If you feel you need to rejuvenate your entire system, please get in touch with us and CLICK HERE to learn about our Health & Wellness Program.


Note: This post was originally published in January, 2019 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and clarity.

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