Detoxification, Immune System Boosting & Tissue Regeneration

The Med Matrix is a wellness device that was developed especially to detoxify and regenerate soft connective tissue, known as matrix or mesenchyme. The effect of the matrix regeneration therapy is threefold: connective tissue is freed from toxins and metabolic stress, cell structures damaged by chronic infection are repaired, and cells in the connective tissue and immune system are re-mobilized in their function and activity. The therapy flushes toxins out of the tissue and frees the body of them. In short, this therapy is great for detoxing and regeneration.

Matrix Regeneration Therapy accesses all the inner organs via the reflex zones on the back. The Med Matrix makes use of the resonance phenomena to activate feedback loops (biofeedback systems) and thus stimulate the body’s self-healing power. What this means is that during a Med Matrix session, the pathological (or disease) information gathered by the device is inverted (turned around) and modified; this inverted information – which is therapeutic to the patient – is then introduced in order to stimulate the body’s ability to heal.

Detoxification, Boost Immune System, Budwig Protocol

How the Med Matrix Works

The Med Matrix device is the result of the logical unification of several individual time-tested therapies that complement each other synergistically.

  • Suction Massage Therapy (Cupping)

Tissue Purification and Blood Circulation: activates the organism’s regulatory processes and control systems, contributing to active and passive tissue purification; breaks up muscular tension and tissue induration (or hardening); stimulates blood circulation.

  • Pulsed Direct-Current Treatment

Waste Elimination & Metabolism and Immune System Regulation: actively mobilizes toxins and waste products through electrical repolarization, so that the metabolism is stimulated to return to its normal function; helps regulate immune system dysfunction, charge neutralization and cell activation; normalizes the metabolism and informs the immune system of stresses affecting the basic system, leading to targeted elimination of pollutants.

  • Dynamic Magnetic Fields

Regulatory System Activation: generates therapeutically effective attention signals that specifically activate weakened regulatory and control systems.

  • Systems Information Therapy

Therapeutic Signals for the Body’s Self Healing: uses patient-intrinsic vibrational information to stimulate the body’s self-healing capacity. The device picks up and neutralises negative oscillations and transforms them within the Med Matrix device. Combined with information signals and magnetic fields which reactivate cell and metabolic activity, these oscillations are returned to the patient as therapeutic signals. This mobilizes the process of self-healing and provides relief to the immune system.

The session can be performed on patients that can lie on their stomach and have no metastasis in bones of their spine. It lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

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