Dr. Budwig was ahead of her time by using a totally natural approach when treating cancer. She gave her patient’s a combination of flaxseed oil enemas, herbal teas, freshly ground flaxseeds with honey, Epsom salt baths, and a mixture she called oatmeal mash. She was also an advocate of fresh homemade juices especially carrot juice, grape juice, and papaya juice. Dr. Budwig discovered, or you might say rediscovered, how important it was to make sure her patients spend time in the outdoors sunbathing whenever possible. She also had very good success in increasing the energy levels of her patient’s by using champagne.

Once a satisfactory level of strength and energy was regained she would put them on a rebuilding program. This involved cleansing, detoxification and an hour by hour nutritional program. One of her favorites was freshly ground flaxseeds and honey with a little grape juice or fresh pineapple juice.

To rebuild the patients’ health and energy she used sauerkraut juice, flaxseed oil and cottage cheese twice a day, fresh homemade carrot juice to which she added things like radish, nettle, celery, beet or apple juice.

A green garden salad with some or all of the following: dandelion greens, watercress, celery tops, radish, sauerkraut, a dash of horseradish, green bell peppers, cottage cheese, linseed oil, milk, fresh lemon juice, a dash of sea salt, mustard, pickles, garlic, fresh or dried herbs, blended to a creamy consistency and served daily.

To preserve the vitamins and minerals of the vegetables she would steam them and serve them with buckwheat or brown rice, baked (jacket) potato.

For a tasty dessert, flaxseed oil and cottage cheese with honey and natural vanilla or fruit.

At the Budwig Center, we have a kitchen whereby we teach our patients how to prepare several of the original recipes of Dr. Budwig, as well as many other delicious and nutritional meals.

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