Dr Budwig's Muesli

Dr Budwig’s Muesli For Cancer Patients

Dr. Budwig’s Muesli is world-renowned. We wanted to share with our viewers and readers, the way Dr. Budwig prepared her muesli in the morning for her patients who would start the day by eating this for breakfast. People all over the world are eating this recipe and are enjoying the health benefits. 

In the following video, you will see that we added fresh milk. We were fortunate enough to find semi-skimmed, organic, sheep milk. We decided to demonstrate this in the video because the quark we use here in Spain is the same as the type Dr. Budwig was used in Germany. As explained in the video, Dr. Budwig did not generally encourage adding dairy to one’s diet. However, she did permit the use of dairy when blending it with the flaxseed oil because these have opposite electric charges. This combination of protein in the dairy with the fat of the oil makes it absorbable in the intestine and cause unhealthy cells to change their electric charge naturally.

Dr. Budwig also encouraged her patients to have it a second time in the day, if possible, so in our next video recipe, we will show you another way to prepare it for lunch or dinner. Many have expressed difficulty eating this recipe every day, so we appreciate that we need to be creative but we wanted to start off with the way Dr. Budwig prepared it for breakfast. Dr. Budwig was from Germany where berries are grown locally making them an ideal addition to the BUDWIG MIX. If berries are not in season where you live, choose another appropriate fruit that is to add to the mixture or alternate between pieces of dried fruit and nuts (like almonds, walnuts, or macadamia).

At the Budwig Center, we test our patients for food intolerances and it is very rare that a patient is not able to eat the Budwig muesli. For this, we use the Vega test and GSR scan and our findings are that, in the case of most patients, the recipe that includes honey is easier for them to digest and more favorable.

So we hope you enjoy making the recipe this way and if you have any questions about diet, please email us to [email protected] and to read more about the Budwig protocol, please download our free guide here.


  • Cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil
  • Flaxseeds
  • Cottage cheese or quark – 2% fat content or less
  • Fresh milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed)
  • Honey
  • Fresh berries
  • Coffee grinder
  • Hand blender


  • Take 2 tablespoons of fresh milk
  • Mix with 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Use a blender to mix the ingredients above while slowly adding 2 tablespoons at a time of the 6 tablespoons of cottage cheese or quark for 1 minute.
  • Grind 2 tablespoons of whole flaxseeds.
  • Pour 1 teaspoon of honey over them in a bowl
  • Add berries or fruit that is in season (Optional)
  • Then add the Budwig cream to the bowl.

47 thoughts on “Dr Budwig’s Muesli For Cancer Patients”

  1. Dr. Belovai László

    Hi, I have prostate Cancer and I appreciate your effort to help people fighting with cancer.
    I would like to make Budwig muesli but I do not know if home milk with 1.5% fat and with about 3% protein is suitable for making the muesli.
    So in general, if I have milk with 1.5% fat, the protein will be probably low, about 3%. (not 10-12%).
    What can I do?
    Best Regards,
    Dr. Belovai László

  2. Can greek yogurt be used instead of cottage cheese and can the yogurt/flax oil mixture be stirred with a spoon for one minute or does this have to be blended with a blender?


    1. Dear Scott, thank you for contacting us with your question. Dr. Budwig did not recommend yoghurt of any kind to get the results in preparing her recipe. She only used quark or cottage cheese. Here is a link with FAQs and the 3rd question is helpful answer for you to look over to answer this question: https://budwigcenter.com/faq/ as for using a spoon, the effect would not be the same so we really recommend a hand blender or at least a whisk. You would need to whip it as strong as you would to make whipped cream basically.

  3. Dear Dr Jenkins,
    I have tried many places to acquire organic quark in the UK but I have failed. I asked all the companies that sell quark if they would be willing to make a portion of their sales organic but they wouldn’t- I even told them all about Dr Budwig. It seems that the industry isn’t interested in helping cancer patients.
    I even tried to get organic farmers to make it without success as I find the organic Cottage Cheese too salty or too fat and I would like to try and make some quark as Johanna Budwig made it. Then a few months ago the large supermarket Waitrose stopped selling Lindlar non-organic and only sell ‘cooking quark). Do you think you could make a video on how to make it or send me details of how you make it at your Centre? Please. Thank you so much.

    1. Dear Mary, We understand your frustration. The only ingredient in the Budwig kitchen that isn’t organic is the quark! We have the same problem. But we are testing the mixture on patients with the Vega test and GSR scan and finding that it is great! Go ahead and use a low-fat quark or cottage cheese even if not organic.

    2. Michael Kaufman

      Hi Mary:

      I hope this is useful to you after all this time.
      I am dealing with lymphatic cancer (Non Hodgkin lymphoma) and I was going to go to the trouble of making a suitable cottage cheese at home, after viewing a number of YouTube videos, but in the end, my wife and I discovered that it would be a major palaver.

      As it happens, one of our regular sources for organic produce is the *EXCELLENT* Riverford Farms, who deliver their weekly veg box and other produce through much of the UK. Though they are South Devon based and we are in South Bucks, I’m happy to report that we can get it delivered here, each Tuesday morning. One of the family and hardworking colleagues also operate a dairy from whom we can have a carton of 10 organic skimmed milk cottage cheese (200 grams per container) delivered quickly when we place an order. However, we order 2 cartons (20), which I find I can get through before it goes off or gets mouldy. It does help if you have a good fridge which maintains the set temperature accurately and reliably. We set our Panasonic fridge temp at 4ºC. It’s organic, but made from pasteurised though not homogenised milk. There is some salt added to it, but I don’t find it to be excessive. If you have yet to discover them, I recommend you take a good look. Also be sure to check out their video.


      We are also very fortunate to be able to have delivered organic, raw goat’s milk in a hefty carton every couple or few weeks or so, as needed. It’s not low fat, but one can dilute it with some purified water. I don’t. It is that milk which I add (2 TBSP) to the Budwig recipe. I use that as I’ve found it extremely difficult to reliably obtain unpasteurised, organic, low fat milk, so we use this. Of course we could buy organic, semi-skimmed milk in the supermarket, but I’d rather buy it from a farmer who leaves it unpasteurised.
      Use these links to find good milk, including Holly Park Organics goats milk, our source for it. It’s a small operation in Hastings, East Sussex and they send it very well packed and insulated via courier. One can order up to 35 UK pints per delivery in the carton, which is what we do. We have a small freezer in our shed at the top of the garden, which I obtained at a good price (used) on eBay, several years ago, in which we pack most of the plastic pints and take a few out as needed. It freezes and thaws just fine.


      I do hope the above is useful to you and any other UK based people reading this.

      Best wishes,


      1. This is useful for all types of cancer. Nutrition is an important pillar. Please note, however, that we cannot rely on diet only. Please contact us about personalized recommendations for your situation & to starve this type of cancer.

    1. Dear Lorrell,

      If you are already on blood thinners (as aspirin acts like one), you might need to stay in contact with your doctor in case your dosage of aspirin should be adjusted after 1 or 2 weeks of eating the Budwig muesli. As a cancer patient, if you are interested in anything else we have to offer as a clinic (especially photodynamic laser for your case) please contact us: [email protected]

    1. Dear Stephanie, one should source fresh milk for this recipe, not UHT treated. Otherwise, if you can get the type of cottage cheese or quark needed, you can always do without the milk. If you have to choose between UHT milk and no milk because you can’t find fresh milk, choose no milk.

  4. My daughter is currently on Ibrance and I’m concerned that she may not be able to add the flaxseed and cottage cheese while on the drug. Could you please advise. Thank you.

    1. Dear Cindy, Thank you for sending us this question. The Budwig diet and protocol is natural and gentle. It is compatible with patients taking drugs or chemotherapy. It usually minimizes the side-effects of these types of treatments. So we would advise your daughter to try it and see how she feels. The only times we need to warn someone not to take the Budwig muesli before consulting us are the following ones:
      – if they are about to have surgery
      -if they have internal hemorrhaging
      -if they are on drugs to thin their blood

      In that case we would give them more detailed guidance about how to proceed. If she feels better, more energy, better digestion, she might be interested in other aspects of the diet. Dr. Budwig did much more for her patients than simply giving them the muesli of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese to eat. If you or your daughter would like to contact us directly about what else we can do for her, our email address is: [email protected]

  5. Elna Anac-anac

    Hi Kathy,

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Sjogren”s Syndrome, and Osteoporosis but I stopped taking my medications for 2 years now. Along with these, I also have fatty liver and bloated stomach. I only take natural food supplements that was recommended by my Naturopathic Doctor. I try to live healthy but I still do experience some pains in different parts of my body and continue to feel dryness in my mouth, eyes and throat. I don’t drink nor smoke at all. Will this flaxseed oil and cottage cheese diet help me with my auto immune diseases? What diet would you recommend for me to use everyday? I will appreciate your suggestions.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Elna for explaining your health issues. To answer your questions, the Budwig diet including the muesli prepared with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese would be good for you, yes. We do however want to remind you that Dr. Budwig did much more for her patients than simply feed them this muesli. It is the beginning only of her discovery. We have provided a free guide for you to download on our home page. It discusses the diet more extensively as well as other aspects of the protocol. Also, in the case of someone with your health problems, we would strongly encourage you to consider getting some help at the clinic. We can help you with personalized remedies, advice, stress management, natural pain management and detoxing. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us by email: [email protected]

    1. Dear Zanette, rectal cancer is affecting the end of the colon, so basically, no. It is best to prepare the muesli with an extra tablespoon of oil and no ground seeds. Also, adding muesli to their diet is not the only thing Dr. Budwig did in her protocol, so if you are interested in more beneficial treatments options we offer, please get in touch with us by email: [email protected]

  6. Hi
    My mom is 61 years old and was diagnosed with cervix cancer of stage 2 in 2014.she was treated with radiation and chemotherapy.she was good after that.last month she got severe headache and we did brain ct,mri and come to know the cancer has spread to the brain.the doctor said we can give radiation to reduce the pain but it is in worst condition we cannot cure it.through my friend I come to know about ur protocol.can I try this for my mom? She also has diabetes and blood pressure.she is also taking medicine for depression.please help me. If I can try what is the procedure to make it and pls let me know which food should be avoided.she lives in India we can make cottage cheese at home but with cow’s milk or pausterized milk(we cannot trust this milk is 100 %pure).
    Last also suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Yasmin, thank you for sending us information about your mother’s condition. We have provided a Free Guide in an e-book format so that you can start reading about how to prepare the Budwig muesli and follow the protocol. You simply need to sign up to receive our notifications and the first email you receive will contain the link to our Free Guide.
      Since your mother has many serious and chronic health problems, we would advise she seek the help of a professional team as there will be need to monitor her reaction to treatment. Is she able to travel to Málaga, Spain to come to the clinic for 3 weeks or so? To get in touch with us about the treatment she would need in her case, please use this email address: [email protected]

  7. It is stated that the Budwig Muesli must be ingested immediately – why?. Could you state what happens to the mixture if stored after it’s prepared. My brother’s wife prepares 3 days worth at one time. I on the other hand follow the instructions to the tee.

    Thank you, Mitch F.

    1. Hello Mitch, the benefits of this mixture is the homogenous mixture of the quark or cottage cheese with the flaxseed oil. This is best fresh. Also, the ground flaxseed can start to become rancid and once ground, they are best to ingest within 20 or 30 minutes.

  8. Hi
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2019 and have since had a left breast mastectomy and sentinal lymph node surgery. All my results have now come back clear of any cancer and I do not need to have chemo or radiation. But my oncologist wants me to go onto hormone blockers for 5 years – there are some awful side effects including the chance of uterus cancer!!! I am very reluctant to take this medication. My boss told me about your site and I am keen to know if the muesli will assist with keeping the cancer stem cells at bay. Thanking you in advance – Tracey

    1. Dear Tracey, This is a common question. Diet and including this recipe in your diet plan is certainly a good place to start. We do need to look at all the possible contributing factors to the body producing cancer. That is what we are doing at the clinic. What we learned from Dr. Budwig is that the reason cancer cells are produced are:
      -Toxins the body hasn’t been able to deal with and eliminate
      -weakened immune system from stress and lack of healthy habits (even lack of sleep)
      -malnutrition and lack of proper hydration
      -virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus’
      We have actually created a clinical program aimed at people in your condition, wanting to prevent further cancer tumors in their body. Here is a link to see what is included in the program: https://budwigcenter.com/our-fees/wellness-budwig-program/
      and send us an email if you are interested: [email protected]

    1. Dear Tracey, sorry to hear you won’t be able to come to us in Málaga. We do understand that many are not able to come. What we can offer someone that cannot come to the clinic is the following:
      If you have downloaded the Free Guide we offer as an e-book, maybe you have many questions about what you can do at home. We offer Skype or phone consultations of 30 min for 70€. The first step is to complete a health questionnaire so we can become familiar with your health conditions. Additionally, to provide natural, food-based remedies, we use a testing system which works remotely with a hand cradle. It costs 220€. Once you have the hand cradle, connect it to your computer and book an appointment with us, we phone you and connect computers with a code to do the test remotely. Then we send you a report and the 5 or so different remedies to last 30 to 40 days. This test, the remedies and the shipment costs 335€ each time. You can read more about how this works at this link which explains the GSR scan: https://budwigcenter.com/gsr-scan-vega-test/

      If this interests you, to get started we send you a link for the health questionnaire. Just get in touch with me by email: [email protected]
      It isn’t the same as coming to the clinic but maybe we help and guide you to find the right treatments near you and learn how to do some simple things on your own to take better care of your health and prevent further diagnosis.

  9. I just started doing the Budwig Protocol. However, there are a couple of questions I’m unsure of.
    Can I use any type of organic cottage cheese and is 2% or skim better? I’ve been using 2% but the person who told me about this said skim. Also there is organic cultured cottage cheese, which is best to use?

    #2 Regarding the flax seed oil which is best filtered or unfiltered? Lignan or non lignan.

    #3 Will it still work if I make the mixture without honey or milk?

    #4 Is it ok to STIR in the blueberries and flax seeds in creamed mixture, or do I need to leave the creamed mixture as is without stirring anything in and just put over top of it?

    I was diagnosed with cancer and have 3 chemo treatments thus far. I watched your videos regarding preparation but there are 2 different prep videos. Which is best?

    Thank you so much for your response.

    1. Hello Donna, Thank you for contacting us with your questions and sorry for the delay in replying. There is a basic recipe as shown in the first video without the milk and honey and it can be a base to prepare it later as a sauce or with other ingredients added. The 2nd video with milk and honey was how she prepared it for breakfast with fruit. Have you been able to download our Free Guide online? We email you a link to download it as an e-book and it answers many questions you will have. If someone has cancer, preparing this recipe is only a small part of what needs to be done. You can also consult us by email: [email protected]

      The flaxseed oil should be unfiltered and without lignans but it doesn’t matter if it isn’t. More important that is that it be organic and cold pressed. The cottage cheese should have no more than 2% fat and to know which recipe is best for each individual’s digestion, at the clinic we use a test described here: https://budwigcenter.com/gsr-vega-body-scan/

    1. Dear Maria Teresa, thank you for contacting us with your question. Saying that a diet change cures cancer would not be completely accurate. We must clarify the reasons a patient has cancer and therefore what needs to be addressed to obtain remission. So changing your diet is a good beginning and is of course important. You would eat this muesli on a daily basis up to twice a day. Then, for integrative treatment options please get in touch with us by email: [email protected] to learn more about what needs to be done. Also, you can download our free guide in e-book format to understand more.

  10. Hi, if one cannot take such a thick mixture, can the “CREAM” be made as indicated then more milk folded in after, to give more of a milkshake texture to drink instead? Thank you.

  11. Hi, Kathy

    From Singapore, diagnosed with esophageal cancer adenocarcinoma. Unable to come to your clinic is very obvious.

    My questions are can I use full cream fresh cow milk (A2 cow milk as well), can i use full cream fresh goat milk, non-organic cottage cheese is it ok? And lastly, can I do without grounded flaxseed?

    Thank you for your kind attention and assistance.

    1. Hello Benedict,

      Thank you for sending your question.
      When preparing the Budwig muesli, the milk should be semi-skimmed, and the quark or cottage cheese must have no more than 2% fat content. It is used for its protein, as a conduit for the fat, namely, the flaxseed oil.
      Please see the recipe at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vETa9PrEe8E&t=40s

      If you don’t add the seeds, add 1 tablespoon of the flaxseed oil. We have also sent you a private email about how we can help you further, as Dr. Budwig did much more than rely on this recipe to help her patients. Please lookout for an email from [email protected].

    1. Changing your diet can help your overall health, and it is possible that in time, the dosage of medication decreases, or there is no need to continue taking the medication. This would always be evaluated by the medical doctor that prescribed the medication in the first place.

  12. Is it important to use mammal milk for the 2T? Or OK to use almond milk instead. Almond is normally the “milk” I have on hand, as dairy is a specific driver of my cancer. I do use the organic low fat cottage cheese. Would prefer to not purchase dairy milk.

    1. Dear Patti, thank you for asking this question. Like yourself, I am sure many would prefer not to use more dairy than necessary. In some cases, the extra milk (animal protein) makes the healthy fat from the flaxseed oil more bioavailable and easier to absorb/digest. But it is not necessary. Please see this other video we have made that explains more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vETa9PrEe8E&t=1s

      If you wish to add some almond milk for a creamier texture, do this after the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil have been blended and are entirely homogenous, as a second step.

      If you have further questions and are interested in this recipe for a specific health problem, please contact us to receive more personalized help. The email address is: [email protected]

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