Eat Healthily

How to Eat Healthily

For many, trying to eat healthily can be challenging. However, it’s worth all the effort. You’ve no doubt heard the age-old saying: “Let thy food be thy medicine.” These wise words remind us that food – nutritious food – has the power to heal. A regular intake of organic, whole foods is vital to maintain our health. Interestingly, there is another similar saying: “Pay the farmer, not the pharmacist.”

The Dr. Johanna Budwig food plan allows you to enjoy many of your favorite recipes. The principal factor to keep in mind is to choose quality food products and natural ingredients. For example, instead of using refined white sugar and processed oils in recipes, replace them with healthy products such as stevia, xylitol, cold-pressed oils, and so on.

Your Guide to Healthy Eating

We provide a complete guide for all our patients, which details the foods to avoid and foods recommended on the Budwig Diet. Try and use organic produce whenever possible so that you can enjoy the full benefits of all the nutrients and vitamins. If you haven’t downloaded your free copy of the Budwig Guide, CLICK HERE>>>

To help you further, we have compiled a list of recipes that we encourage you to try. Have fun with them. Combine different (healthy) ingredients depending on your likes and dislikes.

We Can Help You to Eat Healthily

Included in our clinical programs are demonstrations of daily meals that we prepare in the Budwig Kitchen. In a very relaxed and comfortable environment, our patients can watch demos of meals. We provide daily training demos of delicious Budwig Vegetarian dishes.

To give you a sample of these training sessions, watch the following videos where we explain how to make the Budwig Mix:

Have you switched from an unhealthy diet to a balanced one?

It wasn’t easy, was it? But no doubt you’ll agree that it’s been worth it! Head to our Instagram Profile and share your story with our Budwig community. Your experience can be inspiring for others who have only just started on the road to better health.

If you would like any further help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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