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How Does The Budwig Protocol Reduce The Risk of Cancer?

Reduce The Risk of Cancer

The Budwig Protocol has been very successful as a natural treatment against cancer. But how exactly does it work? What is the science behind this approach? Let us take a look at some facts related to cancer and how the Budwig Protocol helps with the management of this disease.

Why Does The Body Produce Cancer Cells?

Contrary to the popular belief, cancer cells produced in your body are not the cause of the disease but the result of an underlying problem. Dr. Johanna Budwig’s extensive research has revealed the reasons that trigger the development of cancer. Her protocol aims to prevent the reasons why the body produces these abnormal cells in the first place.

Some of these factors include:

  • Exposure to toxins such as pollutants in the air, and preservatives and chemical additives in food that your body is unable to eliminate.
  • A weak immune system, which is unable to fight infections efficiently.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits that involve a hectic routine, severe mental stress, sedentary habits, lack of nutrients in the diet, and irregular sleeping patterns.
  • Lack of proper hydration reduces the body’s ability to eliminate toxic metabolites accumulated in healthy tissues.

These factors affect the health of normal cells resulting in inflammation and changes in the structure of the DNA. These abnormal changes mark the initial stages of cancer. Taking steps to avoid such effects in your body can reduce the risk of cancer significantly.

Our research, which is aimed at identifying the characteristics of cancer cells, has helped us uncover some lesser-known facts that differentiate these cells from normal cells. Let us have a look at what sets a cancer cell apart from healthy cells.

  • Cancer cells have an opposite electric charge opposite to that of the healthy cells, which affects their normal life cycle.
  • Cancer cells produce a form of lactate that can contribute to the acidic pH level in the body. This can trigger inflammation in healthy tissues and initiate cancerous changes.
  • Cancer cells tend to form a special protective coating made of fibrin that your immune system is unable to detect.

These factors have revealed the true nature of cancer. Our experience has helped us to take a holistic approach that can improve the patient’s chance of recovery.

This holistic approach involves a two-pronged strategy:

  1. Bring about a favorable change within the body and protect it from the effects of dangerous pollutants and toxins in the environment.
  2. Disable the fibrin coating of cancer cells and restore their normal electric charge to ensure the cancer cells return to a healthy state and follow a natural cell cycle.

Additionally, we also recommend herbs and natural remedies that stimulate detoxification and support the functions of the kidneys and liver. We achieve this through enemas, special baths, colonic irrigation, and other treatments available at our clinic. We recommend these therapies after carefully evaluating the symptoms and existing liver and kidney functions of each patient.

Here are a few natural remedies that can help attain the goals set by this method:

The Budwig Muesli

The Budwig Muesli offers the rich medicinal properties of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. It can provide significant protection against cancer-causing agents. It is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and promotes the oxygenation of the cells, thus, allowing unhealthy cancer cells to regain their normal electric charge.

Full Body and Local Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia, in simple words, means raising the temperature of the body. A higher body temperature is often caused due to an illness like fever and heat stroke. The quantum of heat used in this therapy is carefully controlled to achieve and maintain a specific body temperature that cancer cells cannot tolerate; they eventually die causing the tumor mass to shrink in size. The heat applied during this therapy also weakens the fibrin protective coating over the cancer cells and helps restore the normal structure of the cell wall.

Photodynamic Laser Therapy

Photodynamic laser therapy is administered to cancer patients depending on the type of cancer they have and what stage they are in.
• The blue laser light administered intravenously can stimulate your immune system thus boosting your ability to fight infections. This can reduce your risk of gastric and cervical carcinomas triggered by bacterial and viral infections.
• The green laser light regulates the cellular metabolism of ATP and improves the absorption of hemoglobin responsible for oxygen transportation.
• The red laser light therapy is administered to stimulate leucocytes, regenerate mitochondria and eliminate the rapidly dividing cancer cells.

Phytotherapy and Food-Based Remedies

Dr. Budwig recommends Phytotherapy along with the use of papaya juice, herbal teas, and fermented food such as sauerkraut juice. The anticancer potential of the herbs and food-based remedies is assessed through careful clinical evaluation. Each patient is given personalized nutritional recommendations to improve their digestion and the capacity to detoxify and regenerate naturally. The treatment does not involve the use of harsh chemicals and hence, is safe and devoid of any adverse side-effects when done under proper supervision.

We believe in treating cancer patients in a holistic manner to improve their overall health. The Budwig approach works by supporting the natural functions of various organs to enhance their resistance to cancerous changes. We also aim to improve the mental health of cancer patients who face tremendous stress and are at an even higher risk of depression. The mind-body-soul approach towards the management of cancer works by removing the primary causes responsible for triggering cancerous changes in healthy organs.

The anti-cancer treatment using natural remedies can restore health and prevent the recurrence of cancer in the future. The natural remedies also help to relieve pain and other symptoms that come with cancer by producing analgesic, and anti-inflammatory reactions. This can ease the ordeal patients have to face. It can improve their confidence and willpower, which are much-needed attributes when fighting cancer.

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