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How To Build A Brand New Body In Just 12 Months

When our car gets high mileage and needs a lot of repairs we simply trade it in for a new or almost new model. Wouldn’t that be great if we could trade in our “old worn-out body” for a younger newer one? A young, fresh body with a strong immune system, vibrant energy and lots of get up a go!

Of course, that may sound like “science fiction” , but believe it or not you can do a lot to slow down the ravages of old age that brings with it; low energy, low libido, aches, and pains, debilitating diseases, wrinkles and saggy skin, poor memory and a host of other problems that hit us once we get into our 50’s.

To illustrate, take Kurt for example, who in his mid-40’s discovered what many others do at that age, he was starting to lose his hair, he started noticing more wrinkles and began putting on excessive weight (especially around the belly). In addition, he had dental issues, prostate problems and he seemed to suffer from an excessive amount of mucous, which was even causing his lymph system to swell up because toxins were not being expelled from his system.

Kurt was worried that his best years of life were quickly fading away. But he, fortunately, looked for some qualified help with a Naturopathic doctor who helped him to see that the body you want tomorrow depends on what you feed it today!

“Your entire body has the miraculous ability of rebuilding itself in less than a year! And in fact every cell in your body dies and is replaced by new cells,” his doctor explained…

  • We all get a new brain within 12 months…
  • Our blood is totally renewed every 4 months…
  • Our entire skeleton is replaced every 3 months…
  • We get new DNA every 2 months…
  • A new liver in just 6 weeks…
  • And believe it or not, we get fresh new skin every 30 days…

Kurt was so inspired, that after that visit to the Naturopathic Doctor he spent the next few years looking for the most nutrient-dense foods in the world to supply his body with the right raw materials to rebuild itself. Also, Kurt wanted to discover what the basic causes of all disease were.

After extensive research, he was able to locate eight (8) “super foods” to consume on a daily basis. And Kurt discovered that over 90% of our health problems are related to toxic microbes (viruses, fungus, harmful bacteria and parasites). We have an average of 1 kilogram of toxic microbes in our bodies by the time we reach adulthood. No wonder we no longer feel the energy we did in our youth!

So he knew he had to continually destroy these health and energy thieves with an effective natural approach that would enable him to regain his health and vigor.

The 12 Secrets To Rebuilding A New Body In 12 Months

 1. Chlorella or Wheatgrass

health recommendations, brand new body, Chlorella or Wheatgrass

You have probably heard of Chlorella. It is a single-celled, water-grown algae that contains more health-enhancing chlorophyll per gram than any other plant we know of. It is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients that are beneficial to your health. The reason why Chlorella is a great anti-aging food is that is also has an abundance of nucleic acids, which have powerful rejuvenating properties that regulate the aging process. It can support youthful looks and contributes to wrinkle-free skin, it even slows down the aging process to add years to your lifespan.

Dosage: Take 6 tablets/capsules per day with any meal.

In The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore, she suggests “that consuming wheatgrass juice promotes a healthy aging process because it cleanses the blood, thereby helping to rejuvenate aging cells and helping to tighten loose and sagging skin.

Wheatgrass is the young grass of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum. Its leaves are juiced or dried into powder for better human consumption. What makes wheatgrass so beneficial to our health is the high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass, as well as the amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes it contains. Here are three (3) major benefits from consuming wheatgrass on a daily basis:

  • It has a powerful ability to regulate cell growth.
  • Powerful detoxifier – protects the liver and the blood, and neutralizes toxic substances like cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury, and polyvinyl chloride.
  • Blood builder: The chlorophyll in wheatgrass is almost identical in chemical composition to hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen in the blood.

Drink a glass (250) ml per day of wheatgrass juice.

2. Eat According to This Food Chart

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3. Moringa

Moringa comes from a plant which is often called the “Miracle Tree” of Cell Rejuvenation. Moringa leaves have 90 essential nutrients. India’s traditional natural Ayurvedic medicine currently uses moringa leaves to treat over 300 diseases.

There was a study published in Rejuvenation Research that shows the undeniable youth-preserving effects of zeatin (found in the Moringa leaves) are due to its ability to regulate cell division and growth, and delay cell aging. The good news is, this results in a marked reduction of wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body.

The amazing thing about this wonder plant is what the Bureau of Plant Industry report states that, gram per gram, moringa leaves contain; twice the protein content of 8 ounces of milk (and 4 times the calcium); the Vitamin C equivalent of 7 oranges; the potassium content of 3 bananas; 3 times the iron of spinach; and 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots.

That certainly qualifies it as a Super Food! It is sold in powder or capsule form. The capsule is much easier to take. Dosage: Take 2 capsules per day with any meal.

4. Maca

There was a time in the history of the ancient Incas that the conquistadors often asked to be paid their tributes in Maca rather than gold!

MacaMaca (Lepidium meyenii) is a hearty root type vegetable that grows in the high Andean plateaus of Peru. It is full of essential nutrients drawn from the mineral rich soil of the high Andes.

In 1960, Gloria Chacon de Popovici, Ph.D., a Peruvian biologist, isolated the 4 alkaloids responsible for Maca’s reputed ability to treat hormonal issues.

This is a product that many take for hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings and memory loss. However, even men benefit, as Maca is beneficial to combat male impotence. Maca’s reputation for restoring physical strength and libido has been commented on by many South Americans. Dosage: Take as indicated on the label.

5. Spirulina

health recommendations, brand new body, Spirulina

We go back to the Sea or the Oceans and discover another incredible Super Food called Spirulina. This blue-green alga is considered to be the most nutrient-dense food on the planet!!

It helps us when dealing with cancer (abnormal cell growth), allergies, high cholesterol, anemia, elevated blood sugar, viral infections, cardiovascular diseases (heart concerns), liver problems, inflammatory conditions, and immunodeficiency diseases (immune concerns).

Well, Spirulina is the best source of vegetable protein, containing about 65% protein – higher than any other natural food – far more than animal flesh (20%), eggs (12%), whole milk (3%), soybeans (35%), peanuts (25%) or grains (8 to 14%).

Why is Spirulina considered a complete protein? Because it contains all the essential amino acids, which are the amino acids the body cannot make but must consume to work properly.

Looking for a good vitamin/mineral supplement? Well, again Spirulina also contains extraordinary concentrations of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, such as beta-carotene (10 times more concentrated than that of carrots), iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, chromium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, essential trace minerals, and gamma-linolenic acid.

It is also the most abundant source of Vitamin B-12 and is also rich in phytonutrients and functional nutrients that have a demonstrably positive effect on health. No wonder it is considered a SuperFood! Dosage: take as per instructions on the label.

6. Cacao (chocolate)

Cacao comes from raw cacao seeds, the product of a fruit grown on the cacao tree which grows naturally in South America and the West Indies. Why is natural chocolate good for you?

Here are some benefits:

  • Increases blood flow to the brain and enhances brain function.
  • No. 1 source of magnesium of any food. Magnesium balances brain chemistry… builds strong bones… helps regulate heartbeat and blood pressure… helps prevent constipation and even eases minor menstrual cramps.
  • Cacao can trigger weight loss, make you feel good and improve your mood considerably.
  • Cacao has more antioxidant flavonoids than any food that has been tested so far. More than blueberries, red wine, and black and green teas.
  • Serotonin – Why do people feel so good after eating chocolate? Because Cacao raises the level of serotonin in the brain; thus acts to regulate mood, help with PMS discomfort, and promote a sense of well-being and stimulates the secretion of endorphins, producing a pleasurable sensation similar to the “runner’s high” a jogger feels after running several miles.
  • Sulfur – Cacao is high in the beauty mineral sulfur. Sulfur builds strong nails and hair, promotes beautiful skin, detoxifies the liver, and supports healthy pancreas functioning.

Not just any cacao or chocolate will do. Chocolate sold in most stores is loaded with refined sugar and the cacao is highly processed. No, the key to cacao being a Super Food is to choose cacao that is organic, raw, and cold-processed. This is not sold in big grocery stores but found mostly in Herbal shops or on the Internet.

You probably will not be able to enjoy chocolate sold in most stores so go ahead and make your own delicious chocolate fudge cake to die for. Enjoy this “guilt free” and “sugar-free” Chocolate Fudge cake. Share with all your friends and they will thank you many times over.

Blend well

  • 1 250g bag of your preferred raw nut (almonds, cashews or macadamia SOAKED FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE
  • 8 dates (be sure there is no sugar added as a preservative) remove stones
  • ½ cup (125 ml)of cold pressed olive oil or ¼ cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of coconut oil into a food processor

Then add

  • ¾ cup (185 ml) of shredded coconut
  • 1/3 cup (90 ml) of raw chocolate powder

Mix well – Put in the freezer overnight or 4 hours before serving.

7. Transfer Factors

Transfer factors are fairly new and so you may not have heard of them. However, they have been the subject of intense research for more than 50 years now.

As you know, our immune system is responsible for recognizing potentially harmful invaders called pathogens (viral, bacterial, fungal). Once located, it destroys or neutralizes them. When we were born, our mothers gave us many of immune memory molecules while breastfeeding.

The first liquid that a mother gives a new born is not milk, but colostrum. This “first milk”, is the richest source of concentrated transfer factors, found in colostrum. Transfer Factors, being the main ingredient in colostrum, contains peptides of approximately 44 amino acids that “transfer” or have the ability to express cell-mediated immunity from immune donors to non-immune recipients, i.e. the mother to the baby.

If you feel a cold coming on or feel run down and tired, taking 3 or 4 capsules of Transfer Factors right away will greatly enhance your immune system assisting it to identify invading germs and destroy them. Once you discover the power of Transfer Factors you will rarely get sick. And remember, each time you get sick it takes a toll on your body and accelerates aging.

health recommendations, brand new body, Transfer FactorTransfer factors have also been found to be very helpful in overcoming pain from aching joints and stiffness.

In a landmark study, they proved it works so well that 8 out of 10 people who take it feel relief. The study spanned 3 decades and was called the Ohio Survey. More than 8,000 people participated in the Ohio Survey and the follow-up studies after.

All the participants had joint damage, pain, and stiffness. They took this immune-boosting protein every day. Then every 3 months, they recorded and rated their joint symptoms.

The results? 8 out of 10 patients reported significant relief in joint pain. And 7 out of 10 reported less morning stiffness, simply by taking Transfer Factors.

In fact, colostrum (from which Transfer factors come from) works so well that Australia used it as a secret weapon for their 2012 Olympic team. Thanks to colostrum, Australia had one of their most successful Olympic games ever. They even won more medals than teams with many more athletes.


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8. Oxygen and Omega 3

The beginning of most diseases is due to a lack of proper oxygen in our bodies. This then allows harmful pathogens to thrive and causes all kinds of diseases. Now you can literally flood your body with oxygen and nutrition using the famous Dr. Johanna Budwig mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (Quark). Dr. Budwig was nominated 7 times for the Nobel Prize due to her discovery of the importance of Omega 3 found in flaxseed oil and the oxygen connection when mixing the flaxseed oil with Quark or Cottage cheese.

The flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (quark) mixture, also known as Budwig Muesli (together with the anti-cancer disease diet), is the mainstay of Dr. Budwigs protocol.

9. Acai

You cannot just walk into any grocery store and find Acai berries. This fruit from the Acai Palm tree grows in the flood plains of the Amazon in Brazil. It has been called one of the world’s most nutritious foods because it’s antioxidant-rich properties. In fact, did you know that these berries contain a high concentration of anthocyanins? Up to 30 times more than red wine, which gives them the ability to support healthy aging.Acai Berries

However, the benefits don’t stop there!

Acai berries are rich in dietary fiber, monounsaturated (healthy) fats and phytosterols that help promote healthy digestive and cardiovascular systems and contribute to weight loss (something most people are interested in). Acai also has an abundance of essential fatty acids and an almost perfect essential amino acid complex. As well as proteins that are essential for proper muscle contraction, improved sleep and regeneration. As the fruit is not easy to locate you will probably have to take the Acai Berry Supplement.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day with any meal.

10. Fight Acidosis

Fight Disease, Fatigue, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda

If there is one thing you could do every day that would dramatically fight disease and increase your energy, consuming lemon juice combined with baking soda would be at the top of the list. Even athletes are using baking soda to give themselves extra energy while competing.

Baking Soda combined with Lemon juice is a powerhouse of energy and healing. Many of us suffer from what is called Acidosis which is an excessive acidic condition. Our bodies are 70% water and if you have ever maintained a swimming pool, you know you need to keep the PH (Acid/Alkaline) balance neutral to prevent the growth of algae and harmful bacteria. When our body is too acidic “it is a key warning signal that our diet and lifestyle need urgent attention”, says public health advocate Peter Dingle Ph.D.

Acidosis is a leading pathogenic force in the development of chronic diseases, such as; diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases (including asthma and arthritis) osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, gout, as well as dementia, depression, obesity, premature ageing, headaches, sleepiness, loss of consciousness, arrhythmia, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, indigestion, shortness of breath and fatigue, etc. Harmful pathogens need a PH acidic state to live and thrive. Many who suffer from cancer have a very acidic PH state, often around 6, whereas 7.2 is the ideal PH neutral state we need to achieve to maintain good health.

Arizona Cancer Center (University of Arizona); the Department of Pharmacology, Wayne State University, Detroit; and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Florida published their research, (Pubmed (19276390 – Cancer Res 2009; 69 (6); 2260-8) entitled “Bicarbonate increases Tumor pH and inhibits spontaneous metastases”. The researchers comment that the PH inside a cancer tumor can be as low as 6, whereas a healthy body should have cells at 7.2 to 7.5. [5]

More and more, the medical world is discovering the benefits of combating acidosis. Dr. Marty Pagel, Ph.D., from the University of Arizona Cancer Center, received a $ 2 million grant to test the effects of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) on breast cancer patients. While research is not fully complete on the matter, early results are already showing some powerful effects of tumor metastasis. This, of course, encourages funding for further research since early signs are looking good.

Dr. Robert J. Gillies and his colleagues have already demonstrated the effectiveness of baking soda in alkalinizing the area around tumors in mice. The same researchers found that bicarbonate increases tumor pH and also inhibits spontaneous metastases in mice with breast cancer. [3]

Do you need more energy? Runners often take baking soda capsules before they race, a practice called “soda doping.” A study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine found that runners who took baking soda improved their performances. Tests have also shown that baking soda improves even the speed of swimmers. A study at Loughborough University found that eight of nine swimmers who took baking soda before a race improved their times.

“Essentially, sodium bicarbonate is an alkali substance that increases the pH of the blood,” researcher Jonathan Folland told the Daily Mail. “This seems to reduce and offset the acidity produced in the muscles during intense, anaerobic exercise that produces lactic acid most quickly, such as fast running or swimming.”

Lemon, in addition to being an effective internal cleanser especially when combined with baking soda, has also shown to contain anti-carcinogenic properties as it contains limonoids which are phytochemicals found in a number of citrus fruits. [1]

Apparently, the limonoids help strip off the protective layer coating the cancer cells. Lemon also has been shown to have strong anti-microbial effects which has been tested in research exploring the idea that cancer acts very much like a fungus within the body. [2] When treating cancer as a fungus, various methods can be used and some have found that lemon and bicarbonate can actually help fight the fungus causing various types of cancer.

Every day we do well to eat lemons because they are very effective in helping the body detoxify. They are rich in vitamin C and help your body neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. Limonene, a substance found in lemons, also helps to stimulate lymph flow which is important in removing carcinogens from the body. A weak or underperforming lymph system is a big part of disease promotion.

Dr. Johanna Budwig was in favor of using natural remedies and lemon is one of the safest ways to introduce high alkaline substances into the system. When you use lemon and baking soda together it helps to fight cancerous cells or diseases in the body while helping to increase the body’s ability to clean itself, which may be the basic cause of diseases in the first place.

Animal models of human breast cancer cells show that baking soda can increase the alkalinity of tumors and inhibit their metastasis, while not harming healthy tissues. Some doctors, like Dr. Julian Whitaker, founder, and director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute are so impressed that they are using baking soda as a part of their overall treatment for cancer patients.

At the Budwig Cancer Center in Spain, we are using the baking soda/lemon mixture with all our patients. Also when patients suffer from athlete’s foot, we resolve the problem by applying pure lemon oil mixed with olive oil 50/50 over the affected area. In a few days, the athlete’s foot is usually cleared up.

A strong alkaline paste of baking soda and warm water eases the intense itching of mosquito and chigger bites by simply applying baking soda as a paste to the bites.

At night time, put 1 glass of water into an empty liter/quart jar and then add 1 tablespoon (British dessert spoon) of baking soda and the juice of one whole lemon. Be sure to clean the lemon peel well beforehand. Now fill the jar with pure water and leave overnight.

General Health Maintenance: In the morning upon rising drink 1 glass (250ml) of this lemon/baking soda mixture, every morning for the rest of your life to help maintain good health and energy levels.

Chronic or Long Term Health Problems:

[Week 1] First thing in the morning drink 1 glass of the baking soda/lemon mixture.

[Week 2] drink 2 glasses of the mixture and if you do not experience any side effects i.e. acute increase in blood pressure, edema, kidney or liver pain, then move on to week 3.

[Week 3] drink 3 glasses of the mixture and if you do not experience any side effects move on to week 4.

[Week 4] drink 3 glasses in the morning and 1 glass at bedtime 2 hours after eating until your health condition is resolved then go back to the General Health Maintenance dosage.

At first, it may be hard to drink 3 glasses (750ml) in succession, but in time it will not be hard to do. When we wake up in the mornings our bodies are very acidic. This drink will cleanse the intestines and help restore the PH balance first thing in the day. Remember when you run out of this mixture, always make it the day before and leave it all night ready for the following day. You will notice within a few days an improvement in your general overall health and energy levels.

Baking soda and lemons are not expensive and when you consider the health benefits we have just discussed, this is a worthwhile remedy to add to your daily routine. You can even monitor your PH levels by purchasing inexpensive litmus PH paper at your local pharmacy to measure your urine and saliva. Do not be surprised that first thing in the morning you are slightly acidic.

Normally your saliva PH measurement should be between 7.0 and 7.4 before you drink anything. The reason your urine is slightly more acidic in the morning is because your body has been clearing acids from your system all night. Therefore you will probably get a urine PH reading between 6.0 and 7.0 but this will improve dramatically after consuming the baking soda and lemon juice. The ideal PH is 7.0 to 7.


  • Baking soda should be considered unsafe for nursing mothers or pregnant women or children under age five unless advised by their doctors.
  • Keep in mind that baking soda is high in sodium and therefore if you suffer from edema, liver disease, kidney disease, or high blood pressure, start off with just 1 glass of baking soda and lemon juice mixture in the morning. Have your Health Care Professional monitor your progress and condition.
  • At first, you make experience some cramping of the stomach and increased thirstiness.
  • Contact your doctor if you experience swelling of the feet, weakness, slow breathing, or nausea.
  • NEVER take baking powder; it is an entirely different substance than baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Ingredients in the baking powder can harm your body.
  • If you’re on prescription drugs, get medical clearance before taking baking soda.
  • Baking Soda and lemons are not a substitute for a healthy diet, regular exercise, and appropriate sleep. If you have a chronic or serious disease have your condition monitored by a Health Care Professional
  • Athletes should find out from their trainers and doctors if baking soda is considered a banned performance enhancer in the sport and country they compete in. [4]

11. Peek Exercises

Dr. Hiroshi Nose and colleagues at the Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine in Matsumoto, Japan, have developed walking programs.

The program consisted of repeated intervals of three minutes of fast walking, aiming for an exertion level of about six or seven on a scale of one to 10, followed by three minutes of slow strolling. The results turned out to be very promising. As reported by the New York Times:1

In their original experiment, the results of which were published in 2007, walkers between the ages of 44 and 78 completed five sets of intervals, for a total of 30 minutes of walking at least three times a week. A separate group of older volunteers walked at a continuous, moderate pace, equivalent to about a 4 on the same exertion scale. After five months, the fitness and health of the older, moderate group had barely improved. The interval walkers, however, significantly improved aerobic fitness, leg strength and blood-pressure readings.”

So instead of just going for a 20-minute walk where you walk at the same speed the entire time, you now have a new style, That of walking at a normal speed for 90 seconds and then 30 seconds you walk very fast. Then back to 90 seconds of normal speed and then once again 30 seconds very fast. Keep alternating up to 8 times and then have a 3 minute cool down at normal speed.

In the past, we warned people about sitting too much. In fact, medical literature now contains over 10,000 studies showing that frequent, prolonged sitting – at work, commuting, and watching TV at night – significantly impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic function.

If you live near the beach or have access to grassy areas, consider yourself very fortunate and take full advantage of it. Did you know that walking barefoot on the sand or grass has additional benefits that go beyond that of walking? This allows your body to absorb free electrons from the Earth through the soles of your feet.

12. Sleep

No amount of good food, herbal supplements, exercise or other healthy activity will replace a good night’s sleep. 7.5 to 8 hours on a regular basis is ideal. If you are having problems getting to sleep at night consider using Melatonin. As we age our bodies produce less and less melatonin. If you have tried melatonin and did not see any improvement you need to consider taking more, that is to say, up to 3 grams per night before bedtime. Or better still consider the Melatonin Patch. When you take melatonin in pill form the effectiveness is reduced by the stomach acids breaking it down. When you use the Melatonin Patch it goes directly into your body without having to pass through the digestive system. Sold on

If Melatonin in patch form does not work for you, this is normally related to a congested liver. You would do well to do a full natural liver detoxification. Visit a local Health Shop and inquire about which combinations they could offer you. It will probably contain food products and herbs such as black radish, milk thistle, dandelion, burdock root, artichoke (cynarine) and turmeric (curcumin). At least once a year, usually spring time is good to do a good liver cleanse. Stop consuming all alcohol during the liver detox. If you still have problems sleeping contact us at the BUDWIG CENTER for more recommendations.

You Cannot Build A Healthier Body By Simply Eating More Vegetables And Fruits

Sometimes when you recommend a food supplement to people, they reply by saying something like; “Oh I don’t bother with food supplements, I get all my nutrition from the foods I eat”.

Nowadays, fruit and vegetables are not like they were some years ago. Conventionally grown fruits and veg are nutritionally depleted. You see, today’s produce is significantly lower in essential nutrients than foods produced 50 years ago because modern farming practices have depleted our soils of minerals. I read once that you now need approximately 10 servings of vegetables and fruits to obtain the nutritional equivalent of 1 serving from 50 years ago!

We have a couple of orange trees in the backyard. I cannot believe the difference in taste from eating an orange freshly picked from the tree and one that has been sitting for months in transport and at the local grocery store. The long shipping and storage time between harvest and arriving at the market degrades the nutrient content further.

However, perhaps the worst issue we are facing is all the heavy use of pesticides and other chemical additives in non-organic farming yield, as well as GMO food crops. These are not only nutritionally deficient but may put you at even higher risk of long-term health problems.

Kurt, who is now 65 years old, followed these suggestions and after his latest check up these were his results:

  • His biological age is more like that of a 31-year-old man! (Verified by a recent biological age test in 2012) and looks some twenty years younger than his actual age.
  • Kurt is disease-free and never gets sick (doesn’t even get a cold or the flu) and has normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.
  • He now enjoys laser sharp memory.
  • He has an inexhaustible supply of energy, amazing stamina and continues to do all the physical activities he did in his twenties. He claims he can outperform, out dance and outlast people half his age.
  • He’s never been hospitalized in his life!

So many people in their 50s (and even much younger) are on pharmaceutical drugs. It’s incredible how so many people have a cabinet full of all types of medicine for every type of ache and pain that might come along.

Sometimes we have no choice but to take prescription drugs, however always read carefully the instructions and take note of all the side effects. You pay a price every time you use prescription drugs. Yes, they may seem to help in one area of health issues but they will also in many cases cause you a new set of health problems down the road.

The natural products and activities recommended in this article will no doubt prove to help you with whatever condition you are suffering from. However, you may need other natural remedies and therapies.

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Sources for Lemon Juice and Baking Soda:

2. Researchers examined human DNA from a variety of tissues and organs to identify and quantify aflatoxin DNA-adducts. Such adducts are considered to be proof of the mycotoxin’s presence in a particular tissue. Their finding? Tumor tissues had higher aflatoxin-adduct levels than did normal tissue from the same individual.

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