My Experience at The Budwig Center

Torremolinos, Southern Spain, is the home of the Budwig Center. Although the beautiful warm weather, the local parks, and beaches appeal to many who choose our clinic, more often than not, what seems to resonate with most who enroll in our programs is the fact that we offer the original protocol of Dr. Johnnna Budwig.

Our natural and integrative approach to cancer, the education and training we provide, as well as the numerous success stories from those who followed the Budwig Protocol has convinced many that what our clinic offers would help them to restore their health.

Words fail us when we think of the joy experienced by many.

Here are a few comments from some of our visitors:

Ingrid Werner, Germany

“Thank you, Dr. Jenkins. My life was saved with the Budwig Protocol when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 11/2013, and even today I think of Dr. Budwig when I eat my Muesli every morning. I am now cancer-free for more than 1 year but still enjoy the organic cottage cheese, Flax Oil and Seeds, and fruits and will continue with this for the rest of my life. Whenever I meet someone with cancer, I tell them about your service and give them all the information that they can heal themselves if they followed your advice. Thank you for continuing with Dr. Johanna Budwig’s work. I lived in Hamburg, Germany until 1957 when I came to America but never knew about her success in Germany. Keep up the great work you are doing.”

Kind regards, Ingrid

Heidi Rock, UK – Breast Cancer

“Dear Dr. Lloyd, I wanted to drop you a quick email as I have returned from my 1 week treatment ….It’s been a week now since we all got back home and to the rote of work, but as each day passes, it seems that we have just returned, with the memories of our experiences still fresh in our minds. And what an experience it has been!”

Bernard Dillon, Ireland

“Dear Lloyd, A special Thank You to you and all the staff at the Budwig Center for the most informative and beneficial week last week. I found the week very pleasant and all the staff was excellent and very attentive, caring, and competent.”

Alena Hamalcikova

Peter Slivkoff, USA

“Back in 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer that found a tangerine-sized tumor in my left frontal lobe. Living in the United States, I was not overly concerned with the types of foods that I put into my body, and so I ate many things that were harmful to me such as the fast foods, bad fats, high sugar, low nutritional value foods that are typical and even promoted… Armed with the tools and knowledge from the Budwig Center, I am now able to live a wonderfully healthy lifestyle. I am back in the US now and taking a yearly checkup with my doctors here via MRI that has shown ZERO trace of my cancer coming back nearly 6 years later. Thank you, Doctors and staff, at the Budwig Center, and God bless the work that you do! I will highly recommend you forever!”

Maggie Nolan

“Dear Lloyd, Thank you for your email of 18th June 2018. I have been meaning to contact you to let you know how well I am feeling! All my joie de vivre has returned and my hospital consultation appeared to show no signs of cancer. This will be confirmed hopefully by an MRI scan on 17th July. The treatments you put me on have obviously had a positive effect and I’m only 2 weeks into protocol!”

For more comments and testimonials from our patients here.  Also, head to our YouTube Channel and click on the Playlist entitled PATIENTS STORIES.

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