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Ways to Stay Healthy After Cancer

Most cancer survivors rush to forget all about this horrible disease and go back to their normal life and good health. However, it’s very important to improve your overall health so that you can get strong and capable to enjoy your future as a survivor. While it can be hard and complicated to change your lifestyle, here are a few tips that will make it clear what you need to do in order to take care of your health after cancer treatment.

Proper diet is the key to stay healthy after cancer

For cancer survivors, diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. Healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, should be your main source of nutrients. They can improve your energy, keep your weight optimal and boost your overall health. Try to stay away from processed foods and stick to plenty of plant-based products (at least five servings of fruits and veggies a day). As your source of protein and carbs, opt for beans, other legumes, and whole grains. Healthy fats are also crucial, especially omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and fish. This diet will ensure you’re full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will make your body strong and your mood stable.

Stay active after Cancer

Cancer treatment survivors greatly benefit from regular physical exercise. Physical activity improves mood, reduces depression and anxiety, helps with pain management and exhaustion and makes your body strong, healthy and unattractive for cancer. Your daily goal should be 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day—think walking, swimming or biking. Those who love something more advanced can check out Runnerclick blog and get a few tips about running. Chasing the runner’s high is one of the best and most uplifting feelings in the world, so make sure to try it if you’re physically able. If you’re not used to physical activity, make sure to start slow and build your stamina gradually. Even if your treatment led to weakness, pain or swelling, you can still work out with a physical therapist (ask your doctor about the perfect expert for you).

Stay on top of the stress

Many people think that all their worries will stop after they beat cancer, but that’s not always the case. You might continue feeling anxious, depressed or worried about recurrence. That’s exactly why you need to fight stress and pay attention to your mental health as much as you pay attention to your physical health. Concentrate on things that give you pleasure and make you relaxed—your family, friends, workouts, hobbies…

Kick unhealthy habits

If you smoke, it’s high time you kicked the habit forever. Using tobacco can cause several types of cancer and stopping as soon as possible can reduce the chances of cancer recurrence. Alcohol should also stay in the past—water and herbal teas are your best choices. If you struggle with quitting, don’t hesitate to seek help.

Rest often

People who survived cancer often suffer from sleeping issues. This might be due to various reasons, from physical changes and stress to medication side effects and pain. However, getting plenty of sleep is crucial for recovery—sleeping allows you to rest your body and mind, rejuvenate, re-energize and refresh for better function of your entire organism. In order to improve your chances of catching enough Zs, it’s important to practice good sleeping habits. For instance, you might want to avoid caffeine, stick to a sleeping schedule that fits your lifestyle and reduce naps, avoid the computer and smartphone use before bed, get plenty of exercise (but not before bed) and keep your environment cozy, dim and quiet.

When you look at this text, it might seem like taking good care of your health will take up all your time, but it won’t. If you make slow and gradual changes, you will ease yourself into a new lifestyle and ensure you stick to your new and improved habits for the rest of your long and happy life. Moderation, persistence, and hopefulness is everything when it comes to recovering from cancer 100%.

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