Honey – Is It Recommended For Cancer Patients?

Honey - Is It Recommended For Cancer Patients?

One of the first things we teach our patients at the Budwig Center is how cancer cells function. They differ from healthy cells. Cancer cells have ten times more insulin receptors on their cellular surface than healthy cells. Thus, they will greedily feed on glucose (sugar) and quickly thrive and spread. Due to this knowledge, […]

Calcium Supplements – Why The Budwig Food Plan Is Better and Safer

If you are taking calcium supplements, new research shows that you are at a 30% greater risk have a heart attack, which applies specifically to people who take 500 milligrams of calcium or more per day. Once in your system, these calcium supplements convert into “little rocks” that are deposited in soft tissues and arteries, thus increasing […]

Foods To Avoid On The Budwig Diet

Here is a list of the foods to avoid if you are following the Budwig Diet. The information has been taken from our Budwig Diet guide which you can download here. It is important that you are familiar with the kinds of foods that you should be eating and which foods to avoid when doing the […]