How to Be (and Stay) Emotionally Integrated

Emotionally Integrated

What does it mean to be emotionally integrated? Well, according to The Whole Health Center, this state refers to being “able to feel our emotions, acknowledge them, and take responsibility for their appropriate expression in a way that still leaves us feeling whole.” Being emotionally detached, however, is when a person struggles to connect with […]

How to Stop Repetitive Thinking

Repetitive Thinking

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a downward spiral of repetitive thinking? Also known as rumination, this process involves musing over and over the same thought, often dark or sad thoughts, to such a degree that it affects one’s mental health. It can lead to depression and affect your ability to process emotions and […]

Cancer and The Emotional Connection

cancer and the emotional connection

The battle against cancer has been ongoing for many decades, and many researchers and specialists appreciate the emotional connection related to the disease. For example, the famous German Oncologist, Dr. G. Hamer, came to appreciate that brain cancer and other forms of cancer begin in the brain.  Interestingly, Dr. Hamer, the head internist in an […]

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress – Managing The Trials of Life

Anxiety and depression are a growing problem around the world today. A multitude of factors can cause a range of emotional disorders ranging from a simple low mood to serious, life-threatening mental illness. Depression can be debilitating and is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. More than 264 million people suffer from depression […]

Emotional Healing At The Budwig Center (Guide)

It’s no secret that healing comes from within; the way we think and feel influences our health just as much as healthy diet and exercise. There are several different emotional approaches within integrative medicine, promoting a healthy mind and body for optimum health and healing. Energy and Emotional Healing – A Quick Guide The Budwig […]