How to Prevent Cancer – Naturally

This article explains why it’s essential to make every effort to prevent cancer and how you can do so using natural methods. “Prevention is Better Than Cure” Battling cancer and other illnesses is not easy. It’s quite common that after someone is diagnosed with cancer, family and close friends suddenly start analyzing their own health […]

Look Out For These Digital Health Trends in 2021

Digital health trends have always played a significant role in our lives. Each decade we see new advances in medicine and technology. However, as of 2020, digital tools and services play a more prominent role in our societies than ever before. The pandemic and the subsequent global crisis that we are going through has made […]

Home Care Programs At The Budwig Center

For patients who cannot come to our clinic, we offer Home Care Programs that are comprehensive and affordable. These programs are ideal for those who want to visit the Budwig Center but can’t due to the current travel restrictions. For others, perhaps their energy levels make traveling a challenge, and they would prefer to benefit […]