I just want to thank everybody from this clinic

In 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage one, and I had elevated liver enzymes for about 25 years. My oncologist prescribed a medication that damaged my liver. I now have stage four cirrhosis of the liver. So, I am here doing preventive maintenance trying to fend off liver cancer and live a quality life instead of just getting by. And I want to regenerate my liver, and it looks like it’s happening. I found that the Budwig had various alternative methods, and I was just really impressed.

My Dog And The Budwig Mix

In 2013, about a year after I was diagnosed, my dog was diagnosed with bone cancer, a really aggressive bone cancer. The vet said that within four weeks, he’s going to be gone. Two weeks after his diagnosis, he was emaciated, skin, and bones. We had to bring his food and water to him. He had a big cluster on his leg, and he couldn’t walk. When the vet took x-rays and initially diagnosed it, you could see that there was just a dark spot in the bone and barely any bone left. And so, I was doing everything I needed to do with Budwig for my own health. And I thought, I wondered if he would try the Budwig Mix, just until we have to put him down. I thought that maybe it would take some pain away because I noticed I had energy from eating the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

And so, I gave him a taste of it, and he snubbed it, and took his nose and pushed it back at me, which was always his way of saying “I don’t like that.” After he said no, I put a little Stevia in it, and he liked it then. He gobbled the whole bowl up. Eventually, he got up and limped around and found me and wanted to go outside. And I hadn’t seen him walk for a couple of days, so we went out to his best friend’s house, and then he went down to the creek and got a drink of water and then he was ready to go home. And I just thought, there is no way that I just saw this at all. This is crazy!

I thought, well, I’ll just feed it to him tomorrow and see how he does. And, every day, he got better and better. Six weeks from the day of diagnosis, and four weeks of him being on Budwig, the cluster was gone. All of his weight was back. He was walking. He could go outside. He could function. He was eating. And, I mean, it was just amazing.

I took my cat to the vet and brought my dog because my vet thought I was insane and was in denial. When he saw the dog walk in, he said, “do you mind if I take another x-ray?” And I said, “no, I want you to.” So, he did, and he came out pale. He said, “just keep doing what you’re doing.” And so, I did, and pretty soon, my dog was hiking with me again.

Seven months, almost to the day from the diagnosis, we did a new x-ray, and there was clean bone. You couldn’t tell at all that there was any sign of cancer. So, to me, this was such a testimony.

My Experience At The Budwig Center

I loved it. The apartments at the Budwig Center are fantastic because they’re set up with all the gadgets that you need, and they’re nice apartments and comfortable, and the beach is about a 15-minute walk away. And it’s safe around here.

When I came into the clinic and saw the activity and all the different rooms with all the different gadgets and everything and treatments I just felt immediately at home and comfortable and not out of place or like I wasn’t retreating from it, like I kind of do in hospitals. And, it was just all positive. Everything, everyone’s positive here, and even though everybody’s going through their own stuff, there’s a positive sort of survival frame of mind instead of you’re doomed, you know. So, it’s like, let’s boost your immune system. Let’s add these things and create something that gives props you up and helps you get through this.

I would say absolutely, come to Budwig. We need to re-think our approach to treatment and especially our emotional state and our well-being. And I think Budwig addresses all of the issues in a very comprehensive way by tackling the physical, mental, and emotional problems. So, I would absolutely recommend anybody come here.

I just want to thank everybody in this clinic, Loyd and Kathy and Robin. Every one of the people who work here is phenomenal. It’s way more than I even expected.

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