David Seitz

My Week at The Budwig Center

My week at the Budwig Centre was a most valuable and fascinating week. From the first day to the last the treatment plan was quite an action packed in that there was very little lag time between the different treatments and in my case, I was kept very busy which I really loved. The treatment is extremely complete. It’s not just a physical treatment but an emotionally balancing one and I think that’s the key!

There is a whole myriad of very powerful and effective treatments as well as ongoing consultations and some mind-blowing experiences with their kinesiologists.
How the whole thing works is really practical and even though there are many many different in house treatments I found them all to have a very significant and profound effect.
I am experiencing chronic kidney disease and I have literally been to the ends of the earth to find people and places that can help. In my opinion they could all learn so, so much from The Budwig Centre. The staff, the treatment plan, the orientation, and philosophy, the amazing food- are all 100%.

It’s really a stand-alone kind of place and I was also extremely satisfied with the overall cost of the treatment and the fact that all your remedies and herbs and things (and there was quite a bit) are all included in the package. I have been ritualistically following the Budwig Diet/ Protocol for about a month. I think it’s so solid and has so many healing/ health benefits. For those who can’t make it to the centre I would totally advise that you start reading up on all the free info and read The Budwig Guide that you can download from this website. It’s quite fascinating and it can only benefit your health and your life.

All in all, from adopting the diet and from my visit to the centre, I am certainly feeling some positive benefits mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am very thankful that I got introduced to Budwig. Thanks to you all the wonderful and highly knowledgeable staff. There have been tons of super interesting insights and things that I have learned during my week that I am literally using every day now in my life. It’s not only that you go there and they treat your illness but they empower you to be able to take control of your situation by giving you deep insight and understanding into the root cause of your particular problem and I think by doing that the true healing can take place. Best of luck to all who are considering visiting the Budwig Centre. Have the courage to take control of your health and at The Budwig Centre I believe in my heart and from my own experience that you will find both healing and peace of mind.

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  1. I am interested to learn about the budwigcenter treatment plan for cancer and giving care to someone who has cancer and diabetes.

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