I’m pleased to say that my father, Yashpal Singh Raghuwanshi, recently went through the MRI scan and his brain tumor has become stable. Even the surgeon was surprised to see the results, he said that this is the first case in all his career in which the patient had survived GBM stage 4 beyond two years and the tumor is stable.

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  1. Thank you for this encouraging testimonial! Our readers would likely enjoy hearing more about what he has been doing to obtain this result. Anything more you would be willing to share with us we would be very grateful to you.

  2. Hi I have GBM stage 4. I’ve undergone surgery, 1st round of radiation and chemo. I am just starting 2nd round of chemo, though I have been adhering to the Budwig diet since surgery 4 months
    You mentioned that the tumor was stable, did your father initially have surgery to remove this tumor or did he go straight to the Budwig diet and avoid surgery/radiation/chemo?

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