The Budwig Protocol vs Tumors

Why do tumors occur?

The formation of tumors is due to a build-up of toxins within the body.

Toxins are all around us. From the air that we breathe to the water we drink. There are chemicals found in packaged and processed foods that are dangerous for the health of organs and can contribute to cancerous tumors. Toxic chemicals present in pesticides, fungicides, herbicides are also responsible.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

The first step is to have a healthy eating plan. Eat ‘real food.’ Avoid processed foods that contain preservatives, additives, refined sugars, and trans-fats. By doing so, we can protect the body against the harmful effect of chemicals and prevent cancerous changes in the body. When we eat nutrition-rich foods, we are naturally Improving the body’s cellular oxygenation process, which is the objective of the Budwig Protocol and Diet.

How Does The Budwig Diet Remove Tumors Naturally?

1. Stops The Growth of Tumors

The body is composed of trillions of cells. Our cells need nutrition to function efficiently. Similarly, cancer cells need energy. So the goal is to deprive them of their source of energy which will subsequently inhibit their growth.

Due to this fact, Dr. Budwig recommended eliminating all forms of refined, processed sugars including refined white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, molasses, maple syrup, and agave from the diet which are present in store-bought pastries, desserts, ice cream, etc. She encouraged replacing them with healthy options such as Stevia, fresh fruits, and raw honey. Dr. Budwig believed that natural ‘sugars’ as they occur in fruits, vegetables, and plants do not feed cancer tumors. By making this switch, we are depriving tumors of a critical element that contributes to their growth.

Herbal Extracts

Dr. Budwig was very keen on using all kinds of herbs in her treatment programs. At the Budwig Center, we have selected herbal formulas that have been extensively researched by medical scientists. Clinical studies reveal that the herbal e
remedies that we use:

  • Inhibit angiogenesis – Angiogenesis is a process by which cancer cells produce new blood vessels to receive nutrients and oxygen.
  • Inhibit the NF-kB factor in cancer cells – This process enables cells to protect themselves when they come under attack from the immune system.
  • Induce apoptosis – Results in the death of cancer cells.
  • Stimulates our immune system and crosses the blood-brain-barrier.

One of our patients, named Janet, enrolled in one of our programs in July of 2017. She was suffering from a tumor that developed on the palate of her mouth. The doctor she visited could only offer surgery that could potentially leave her disfigured. She decided to follow the Budwig Protocol along with herbal formulas that we recommended. After approximately 30 days Janet reported that the doctor could find no trace of the tumor. Imagine the joy she felt having avoided surgery!

2. Use of Flaxseeds to Reduce Tumor Size

Clinical studies show that flaxseeds and flaxseed oil have natural medicinal properties that help to reduce tumors.

Here are just a few clinical reports:

“In 2002 Chen et al writing in Nutrition and Cancer a study was done was by scientists injected human breast cancer cells into mice. Half the mice were given flaxseed. Lung metastasis was 56% in the control group and only 22.2% of the flax-fed mice. Flaxseed decreased lymph node metastasis from 89% to 33%. Lung tumors decreased by 82%. The researchers showed that these effects were partly due to flax seeds effect of decreasing insulin-like growth factor I and epidermal growth factor receptor expression.” 1

“Dabrosin et al published in Cancer Letters a study in November 2002 suggesting that flaxseed inhibited angiogenesis in breast tumors by decreasing levels of (VEGF) which is a key factor in breast cancer angiogenesis. The study reported: “The women who eat the most flax lowered their risk of getting breast cancer by 62% compared to women who do not eat it. Women with this genetic marker who eat large amounts of flax lignans reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 70%.” 2,3,4

3. Drink sauerkraut Juice and take baking soda baths

Tumors produce a dangerous type of lactate that creates an acidic pH of the body; this environment is ideal for cancer growth. At the Budwig Center, we encourage patients to drink sauerkraut juice and take baking soda baths.

Research studies have indicated that this combination could potentially remove about 85% of the harmful lactate from the body. Removing the lactate can restore the body’s pH to a healthy level of 7.0 to 7.4 thus supporting a reduction in the size of a tumor.

4. Essential Oils

Pathogens are associated with certain cancers. Pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and fungus prefer to vibrate at a very low frequency.

Pure essential oils possess an oscillatory movement that vibrates at the highest frequency known to man. Essential oils can raise our frequency levels so that it makes it difficult for pathogens to survive. As pathogens are destroyed our health improves which increases the chance of surviving cancer.

5. Detox

As cancer cells start to be eliminated from the body naturally, the kidneys and liver will be at work managing this process. So we need to ensure that we are not dehydrated or constipated. Dr. Budwig encouraged her patients to do enemas and to drink 3 cups of herbal tea every day. At the Budwig Center, we provide an enema kit along with instructions and guidance for each patient so they know which type of enemas would suit them best.

Do Not Be Alarmed If the Tumor Increases

Our experience is that once the Budwig Therapy begins, tumors often grow bigger before they start to reduce in size. However, this is a part of the natural process of tumor disintegration.

When you start the cancer program, tumor markers become elevated, which can be a cause of concern for patients as well as for the doctor. But, at the Budwig Center, we consider high tumor markers at the start of the program as a good sign for the following reasons:

  • Debris of the malignant tumor mass consists of cancer marker components. At this stage, most of this tumor marker material is confined within the tissues surrounding the cancerous tumor mass. Once the Budwig program for cancer management begins, these cancer markers are released into the bloodstream, which can result in a high level of these markers in the blood. That is why; when laboratory blood tests are conducted, they often show a rise in tumor markers. However, this effect is temporary.
  • Tumors are comprised of both the mother and daughter cells, both of which grow together. That is why in some cases, the tumor can get bigger for a short period before it starts to reduce in size. Once the mother cells die off, the tumor begins to shrink as usual.
  • Once the process of apoptosis (or the death of cancer cells) begins, the dead cells are eliminated from the body by the kidneys and liver. However, this process may take longer resulting in a false perception of the tumor size increasing. The enema thus works by speeding up the process of eliminating the dead cancer cells from the body.

To make sure you are not getting a false reading of your condition, keep in mind that a regular scan or echograph will not show the actual state of the tumor. These types of scans show only the size of the “cancer mass.” It does not indicate if the cancer cells are “dead,” “dying” or “still alive.”

Although a PET scan can show these stages of cancer death, undergoing this test is not advisable as it can expose you to a high dose of radiation.
If a regular scan shows that the mass is more substantial, then a good portion of the tumor may already have started to die off.

The find out more how the Budwig protocol can help you prevent and remove cancer tumors, please download our free BUDWIG GUIDE.


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