The answer to this question is, No. Dr. Johanna Budwig discouraged the consumption of any refined sugars which would include molasses and maple syrup. The theory behind the baking soda and molasses remedy is that because cancer likes sugar, it will be drawn to the sugar but then get destroyed by the baking soda. This concept began with the folk healer named Jim Kelmun who says that this simple home remedy can stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers.

Jim claims that he cured at least two people using this method. He said that he discovered it when he visited a family where five sisters all died of breast cancer except one who was for some reason was consuming maple syrup and baking soda. Jim also claims that out of 200 people he is treated 185 survived using this remedy.

The Budwig Center team reached out to Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy who is the expert in using baking soda to treat cancer and asked him about this maple syrup and baking soda remedy. He said that baking soda needs to be a pharmaceutical grade baking soda and it needs to be injected directly into the tumor. He was very dubious about any oral consumption of baking soda.

Research has shown that It is risky to be consuming high amounts of refined sugar on a daily basis. Moreover, as it does not fit with the Budwig food approach, we do not encourage it. Also, because there are so many incredibly effective and proven herbal remedies to add to the Budwig protocol, we encourage you to use these and not take any risks.

What about just taking baking soda on a daily basis to help keep the body more pH neutral? The only problem with this approach is that baking soda is of the salt family and it could be an issue for people with high blood pressure. Besides, salt reduces the potassium levels in the body, and more potassium is especially needed when a person has cancer. So we do not recommend daily doses of baking soda.

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