The Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Remedy: What You Need To Know

The baking soda and maple syrup remedy began with a folk healer named Jim Kelmun. He said that this simple home remedy could stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers. The theory is, cancer is drawn to the sugar contained in the maple syrup (or molasses). And then it’s destroyed by the baking soda.

Jim claims that he cured at least two people using this method. He said that he discovered it when he visited a family where five of the sisters had died of breast cancer. A sister who survived, for some reason was consuming maple syrup and baking soda. Jim went on to do trials using the remedy and claims that out of 200 people he treated, 85 survived.

Research has shown that it is not advisable to consume high amounts of refined sugar. In fact, Dr. Johanna Budwig discouraged the consumption of refined sugars, including molasses and maple syrup. Moreover, since it does not fit with the Budwig approach, we do not encourage it. There are so many effective and proven herbal remedies, so we urge you not to take any risks with your health.

Watch this video for more information:

What about taking baking soda daily to help keep the body pH neutral?

The problem is that baking soda is from the salt family and could be problematic if you suffer from high blood pressure. Salt reduces potassium levels in the body, and someone with cancer needs potassium. So we do not recommend daily doses of baking soda.

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  1. NAOMI

    Please provide a list of the Herbal remedies you recommend

    • Kathy Jenkins

      Dear Naomi, thank you for sending us this question and sorry we cannot send a long list. We actually have a room full of cupboards full of different remedies made of herbs, essential oils and food-extracts. We use a GSR scan and Vega test to ensure you get 4 to 6 remedies only for the following 30 to 40 days. After this we recommend retesting as experience has shown us that after that, our body’s needs change. You can read more about this test here.
      For more information, please contact us by email:


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