Water purification and filtering systems are an essential step toward removing harmful chemicals and pollutants from water, especially if you live in countries where the water could contain parasites or dangerous chemicals (i.e., chlorine and fluoride). Most cities repeatedly recycle water. Our bodies consist of over 70% water, and the brain is 90% water. So, it is vital to drink healthy, ‘pure’ water.

Distillation and reverse osmosis systems can be an option to cleanse water, but they produce lifeless acid pH water and are very expensive.

Water stored in plastic containers usually contains dioxin, bisphenol A (BPA) and PCBs. These synthetic chemicals are associated with many health issues, including congenital disabilities, hormonal disruption, and even cancer.

For drinking water, invest in a system that has ceramic filters that ensure that microscopic organisms like bacteria do not enter into your drinking water. The purifier should also have silver impregnated ceramic outer shell that kills notorious harmful pathogens along with a carbon system. You can purchase an adequate water system for about $200 from www.Doulton.com they have offices in the USA and Europe. Add a structuring vortex unit to it, and you will have excellent quality drinking water.

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