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Why Did My Tumor Increase in Size When I Started The Budwig Diet?

Tumor increase can be a major cause for concern. However, Dr. Budwig commented: “In addition to the favorable influence of this diet upon the cancer patient’s general condition, the increased supply of the above-identified nutritional substances, of the oil-protein diet, frequently – in the beginning – results in tumor enlargement, as shown by x-ray. Even in cases where the tumor had caused a narrowing of the gastric or intestinal passages, the better health and improved functioning of all vital phenomena (even at the tumor-stricken site) of the cancer patient are so unmistakable, that one can calmly wait until such time when the cancerized tissue will have returned to normalcy as well.” (Dr. Budwig observes in Der Tod des Tumors, Bd. 2 [The Death of the Tumor, Vol. 2], p. 141)

Watch this video for more information:

Tumor Increase Vs. The Budwig Diet

Therefore, according to Dr. Budwig, an initial increase in tumor size in tandem with increased well-being is often observed after the adoption of the Budwig diet. So, there no cause for concern if we notice. What you may find is that even if there is some tumor increase, it often becomes less dense and softer. What is essential is that you are diligently following a detoxification plan. If you notice you are urinating more, sleeping better, and your energy levels are rising, then these are good signs that in time your tumor will decrese in size.

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