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Natural Alternative Cancer Clinic Featuring The Budwig Diet

“A calm heart gives life to the body" - Pr 14:30 NWT

Dr. Johanna

How to Live Long and Stay Healthy – Lessons From Bernando LaPallo who lived to 114

What is the secret of longevity? Bernando LaPallo of Arizona, USA lived to 114. He stuck closely to the advice he received from his father who himself had a very long life, he died at 98 years of age. The steps that he followed are remarkably simple: Eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables, avoid

How Does The Budwig Protocol Reduce The Risk of Cancer?

The Budwig Protocol has been very successful as a natural treatment for cancer. But how exactly does it work? What is the science behind this approach? Let us take a look at some facts related to cancer and how the Budwig Protocol helps with the management of this disease. Why Does The Body Produce Cancer

10 Reasons Why People Choose The Budwig Center

People from all over the world have chosen the Budwig Center for alternative natural cancer treatment. The comments we have had over the years have been very positive with many people praising the work we do at our clinic. Why did they choose the Budwig Center? Here are 10 of the most common reasons why:

The Health Benefits of Being Aware of Your Thoughts

We can compare our thought patterns to the waves of the sea. We all desire our flow of consciousness to resemble the calm tranquil waters of the Mediterranean on a beautiful summers day, but more often than not, our thoughts are turbulent and boisterous like stormy seas. Life’s challenges make it difficult to get a